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Memories of Thornley

I was born in Thornley in 1949 and attended St Godric's until I was 15. I remember Thornley as a community that went through good times and bad. When the pit closed it affected everybody, shops closed and young people moved to Peter Lee. Reading Ken Orton's memories brought a lot back to me, I knew Ken and Tom as a youth, among a lot of others. When I was 21 I married a local girl, Doreen Bell, who sadly died Feb 2011. I Now live in Peter Lee but still have family in Thornley. The only sad thing I remember is slagheaps that seemed to surround Thornley and were a scar on the surrounding countryside. Can anybody remember the Hilly Owly?

Written by MICHAEL MCCOY. To send MICHAEL MCCOY a private message, click here.

A memory of Thornley in County Durham shared on Wednesday, 25th January 2012.

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RE: Memories of Thornley

Any persons know a Danny Wilson or by his first name Danny parker,he moved into village in 1960 then 11year old,lived at 8 galt street had brother Allan and sister Marg my name is Peter Forsyth and it would be great to meet him you can contact me at Or 07710285742

Comment from Peter Forsyth on Tuesday, 24th December 2013.


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