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Memories of Barkingside

Barkingside High Street, Essex

Just looking at this photo brings back so many memories of shopping with my mum and two brothers.Getting chips on the way back from shopping or an icecream in Rossi's was a great treat. I went to school at Fairlop Primary & Secondary School until we emigrated to Australia in April 1967. I've been back a ...Read full memory

Eastwells The Grocer

Hi, does anyone remember the names of who ran Eastwells the grocer? My dad grew up here and is trying to remember the name - David? Robert?

A memory of Barkingside

Bakingside Round About

I know this is a picture that was taken 25 year prior to when I was born, yet I still get amazed at the dates of the pictures around my home town! The progression just amazes me!

A memory of Barkingside

Royalance Record Shop

I used to love the Roylance on Saturday nights when he'd clear the shop for dances in the 60's. I had an ancient BSA motorcycle and had to compete with the scooter brigade.

Peter Full

I knew Peter very well, used to eat in his café everyday . He had seemingly endless kids and made the best curries. I can't recall his wife's name but she was a lovely lady, half his size. Everything else stays in the café.

Jj Double And Gearies Scool

What an amazing site! I went to Gearies in 1949 and left in 1953 and if I remember correctly Doubles was the motocycle shop on the corner. It is now nearly sixty years ago so my memory of the streets in the area is a bit hazy but the photos certainly brought back a load of memories. The Rossie's I remember was ...Read full memory

V2 Rocket Dropped On Hatley Avenue

Late in Feb 1945 (I think it was the 25th) I was at Geary's school when during the dinner break a neighbour of my own age Sheila Solomon told me that my house had been bombed. At the time I lived at 39 Hastings Ave. The house immediately behind us was in Hatley Ave and it together with ours was ...Read full memory

A memory of Barkingside by John Zammit

When I Was Born.

When I was born we lived at 8 Longwood Parade, Longwood Gardens, Barkingside. Yet when my husband took me back there two years ago Longwood Parade seemed to have gone and the houses are all numbered as Longwood Gardens. Anybody know why? Ann Hall (nee Moller)

A memory of Barkingside by Ann Hall

Barkingside As It Was From 1937 1950

I lived in Barkingside from 1937 - 1950. I was 5 whan we moved to Merlin Grove from Forest Gate. There were fields and woods within a few minutes walk, sadly built over now. The library was a shop on the opposite side from Sainsburys, another small shop in those days. The library and swimming pool ...Read full memory

A memory of Barkingside by James Baker

Barkingside 1952 2007

I lived in Barkinside from 1952 until 1969. My parents were there until 2007 so I have seen so many changes. We originally lived in Clayhall, St Claire Close and my parents moved to Brandville Gardens in the 90s. Both my brother and I went to Fairlop and had a really sound eduaction there. I became a Civil Engineer ...Read full memory

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