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Memories of Barry Island

Have You Memories Of 1955?

Is there anyone reading this with memories of Barry Island in 1955? I am writing a book and two of my characters stay in a holiday cottage late summer of that year. Where can you suggest would be an area at that time that had holiday homes. You may even know a street name or two. What was the name of the ...Read full memory

Barry Island In The 50s And 60s

I traveled to Barry Island every summer because it was the nearest seaside to Brynmawr where we lived. The excitement of seeing the sea was overwhelming, and every time I would be sick on the old coach taking us there.  We would first spend a few hours on the beach, then a walk around the shops, hoping ...Read full memory


On a bank holiday my mother would take us to Barry on the train. We would spend lots of time in the beach then go on the shows, we'd have a great time. My dream was to go in to Butlins, I'd see the kids playing in the outdoor pool, I wish I could have gone in there. When I got older and had kids of my own I took them there, ...Read full memory

The Mitchells & Finch Families Of Redbrink

Redbrink Crescent, Barry Island was where Emma Ellen Mitchell and her husband James John Mitchell lived, these house were built by James Michell's father, the mariner John Maerdin Mitchell. My dad was born at no 36 in 01 July 1920, while my grandfather Sydney worked the local shipbuilders. ...Read full memory

German Aircraft

In the early 1940s my father was a coastguard stationed at Barry Island. I was about 5 years old and I vividly remember that one day I was sat on my 3-wheeled bike at the top of the hill and a German aircraft flew over at a very low altitude, I could see the pilot's face clearly. It was followed by two Spitfires which ...Read full memory

Nells Point Barry Island

I was born on 'the Island' and lived there until I was 17 years old. Nell's Point used to be my play ground.I have many fond memories of counting the coaches that used to bring the visitors from far and wide, the coaches would park in the Municiple coach park on Forest Drive above which was a nine hole golf ...Read full memory

Jumping Off The Platform

I recall as a kid jumping into the water from these platforms, and the call of the beach inspector over the load speaker system 'Attention on the beach and promenade, will the parents of guardians of XXXX please come to the beach inspector's office which is situated in the centre of the promenade'. Now who would lose their kids today!

A memory of Barry Island by Haydn Ebbs

Barry Island

I was born and bred Barry Island. My mother and father had a fish and chip shop under the Western shelter. I can remember wonderful summer days, playing on the sands and making friends with children from the valleys. They thought my life wonderful! Can anybody remember the Gwalia cafe built on the rocks at Nells Point and ...Read full memory

I Lived At Nells Point

I lived at the Navy station Nells Point around 1943 to 1947. I went to school at Clive road and attended sunday school at st Johns. I remember the army camp,and at the end of the war the squatters moved in the huts.I allso remember the U.S army giving us children lovelypartiesand eating my first donut. the one with the hole in. Pat Perring nee Nurse

Roller Skating At Barry Island.

Some of my best memories of Barry Island are from the week-ends I used to go to the skating rink which was situated above the block of shops on the sea side of the pleasure park overlooking the prom and sea. Three of us waited all week for this wonderful evening. We were, me, Pat Baker (Overstreet) ...Read full memory

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