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Memories of Blackhill


Born in Mortimer Street in 1937, attended Tin Mill School in 1943 and loved it. My brother had started school in 1942 and I would follow him there every day so Miss Maud said I might as well start school. Gran would pass the school to do her shopping and I would follow her, she would buy me an apple and then drop me back ...Read full memory

Blackhill In The 1940s

I was born at Dixon Street, Blackfyne, Blackhill, County Durham. My memories are from when I started school in 1943 at the Tin Mill School, Derwent Street, Blackhill, as far as I remmember I did not like it. Blackhill was shadowed by Consett Iron Company as it was then known (later known as Consett Steel ...Read full memory

Living In Blackhill

I lived in Blackhill about 1953; lived in Laburnum Avenue. When we moved in I can remember the big coal fire, high mantlepeice, an outside toilet and tin bath. I had freinds in Court Street and Roger Street and went to St Marys, Blackhill. Most of the old shops have gone (most are now houses), the fish shop in ...Read full memory

A memory of Blackhill

Birth To Marriage

Born in blanchland street (well Richard Murray hospital) in 1944 . Lived there till 1952 then moved to bridgehill, lived there till married, now living in Scotland but still very interested in all that goes on in Consett.

A memory of Blackhill by Helen Cassidy

Growing Up

I was born in Eltringham Street in 1946, we lived with my grandparents Mr & Mrs Wilson. My gran died when I was about four. I can remember the coffin being in the front room - well that was the only room downstairs except for the scullery. We had lots of fun playing outside which was good in those days. We used to play ...Read full memory

A memory of Blackhill by Doris Forsey

Growing Up In Blackhill

I can remember Ann Wall, I lived in Eltingham street at the same time. I moved from Blackhill and now live in the USA .

A memory of Blackhill by Brian Lee

Early Days Of Blackhill

My name is Stephen Yallop. I lived in Blackhill from the early 1960s. I used to live in Gallagher Terrace. I went to the Tin Mill infant school, I remember the teachers as Mrs Dunne the headmistress. Mrs Ferguson and Mrs Blendal. My father was William (Bill) and my mother Margrett. I also remember the red dust ...Read full memory

Blackhill And Stephen Yallop!

Hello Stephen mate. My name's Paul Hunter, I was born in 1957, I grew up at 6 Bessemer Street, Blackhill. The Jacksons lived at Number 5, Davie Cudden at number four. My dad worked at 'The Company' CIC. I remember the Hadrians Store at the top of the street, and getting my hair cut at Tonys, on the ...Read full memory

A memory of Blackhill by Paul Hunter

Shotley Bridge Town Fountainf

A memory in the back of my mind from my mam . Would any one out there remember if there ever was a pond or fountain in the town centre at shotley bridge? My mother was a bell one of 9 i believe . Time changes most things in our mind's so I'm going to look for my self perhaps not a good thing to do.as ...Read full memory

A memory of Blackhill by David Walker

Angela Athey

i was born at 18 Eltringham st 1959 my brother is malcolm born 1958 i have a younger sister catherine and my brother john died in 1984. My best freind was sandra davis who ived in no 14 (i think) my grandparents and aunts and uncles lived in motomer st we had a 2 up and 2 down house no bath only tin and toilet out side had ...Read full memory

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