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Memories of Blackmill


My name is Beth McMillan - Mckay then. Now living in New Zealand. We lived in Glyn-Llan but I spent many a hour walking up and down that road to Blackmill, getting the shopping in the Co-op and little shop/post-office on the corner. Some times I would catch the Gilfach bus back home if I was rich - it was 3d - old money! - as I ...Read full memory

Dimbath Pond

My name is David Diamond. I was born in Blackmill 63 years ago (in a house called Glas yn Ys - Blue Island in english) my fond memories are of going up to the Dimbath pond along with my mates with our father's shovels and spades to dig clodgings to dam up the pond - great stuff. We would be up there all day, our parents ...Read full memory

A memory of Blackmill by David Diamond

Dimbath Memories

Though I lved in the Wyndham us kids used to walk via Cwmbwch to Dimdath (is that correct spelling?) and go all the way down to Blackmill Road and pick bluebells for our mams on the way home in the 1950's.


My name is John Lewis. I was born in Blackmill in 1946 in a cottage on the mountain, lived in the village later, played soccer with my friends and in the early 1950s we all went and watched children's TV in Lloyds Farm. It was a very friendly place and close knit neighbourhood, and there was plenty to do in the 1950s and 1960s, ...Read full memory

A memory of Blackmill

The Railway Spanning The Viaduct

I can remember seeing a photograph of the viaduct complete with railway tracks etc.. not sure where I saw it. It might have been in the 'smithy' - can't recall, it will come to me soon. I was put to understand that the railway was pulled up for the war effort, can any one confirm this? I remember Robert ...Read full memory

A memory of Blackmill by David Diamond

Good Time

In 1965 Blackmill seemed such a sleepy village. The summers were warmer and drier, and we played up the mountains with our friends. We played Cowboys and Indians. We seemed to spend all our time out of doors ... in the park or making swings on trees in the woods.

A memory of Blackmill by Sue Handley


I lived in Glyn-Llan (Penny McKay) 1 of 6 girls. I loved spending my summer days down the Dimbath, building dams so we could swim and build forts. We would take a picnic and off we'd go all day and our parents never worried about us and they knew we'd return when we were hungry. I also loved picking blackberries and going to the ...Read full memory


Hi my name is David Waterfield and I lived in the Wyndham from approx 1949 to 1969 and often stopped in Blackmill to catch the red and white or Nand c coach up to the Gilfach to friends and have long been curious about the railway (?) towers that crossed Blackmill valley - though from a recent pic they may have been taken down. ...Read full memory

Train Breakdown

Hi everyone, I wonder how many of you can remember the coal train, with all its trucks full of coal, breaking down on the Gilfach line behind Isfryn prefabs; it was there all night and plenty of people had full coal sheds by morning! talk to you soon Dave Diamond

A memory of Blackmill by David Diamond


The name is Gareth Davis, and my grandfather (Harry Davis) lived at No 2 Ivor (Ifor) Terrace in Blackmill, although I later lived in Bryncethin I used to travel with the local butcher Clive Heale back to Blackmill to deliver meat to homes there. I now live in Australia, and at the age of 60 last year was fortunate enough to be ...Read full memory

A memory of Blackmill by Gareth Davis

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