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Memories of Blakeney

Blakeney My "Home"

I came to live in Blakeney at the age of approximately 5 prior to this I lived at Roxborough House in Stroud - I lived in a Childrens Home named "Meadoway" along with my 2 brothers and 4 sisters - we all belonged to the All Saints Church Choir at varying stages in our lives - the best place to play was called ...Read full memory

A memory of Blakeney by jean.butt


It's just great to look at the old pictures of Blakeney's High Street, it seems almost like yesterday when I used to walk from my gran's house in the row of cottages where the railway bridge used to be. We used to go on holiday every year from our house in Haverhill, Suffolk. I remember it used to take nearly all day ...Read full memory

1945 1962

My memory goes back to 1945, my surname was Virgo and I lived in Cluster Cottage next to the brook. I remember standing by the brook with my cat in my arms; I must have been about 4 years old. A man took a photo of the brook with me on it, it was on a post card. I went to High Street church, was in the choir ...Read full memory


When I was small, my brother and I used to play at the brooke near the school. I went too. We used to put our feet in the water and try to catch fish. When we were older and the waterfall was low we used to walk over it. There was pear trees on the same side where we lived we had fun with them, eating the pears. ...Read full memory

Family Evenings Out.

I cannot remember the exact years, about 1950, when my Mother and Father used to take me and my cousin for a walk from our house at Lensbrook Cottage through six fields (which is a public footpath), and arrive at Severn Bridge Hotel. We used to go into the clubroom and Mrs Gertie Harris, the Landlady ...Read full memory

A memory of Blakeney

Growing Up.

Lensbrook house and Lensbrook Tea Gardens are the same house. I lived in Lensbrook Cottage which was farther down the lane, from the time I was born until my marriage at 20 years old.

A memory of Blakeney

Growing Up

In the 1950s Lensbrook Tea Gardens became the site of Billy Thomas's scrap yard. I was born and brought up at Lensbrook and my mother used to work at the tea gardens. I was born in 1942 and I can never remember it being tea gardens. I used to play in the scrap yard with Billy Thomas's daughter Diane.

A memory of Blakeney

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