Memories of Brentford

Cycling Over Kew Bridge

The first thing I remember after turning left over Kew Bridge was a pub, and at the end of that pub was a jellied eel stall, My Mum and Dad used to stop there and get a pint of whelks covered in pepper and chilly vinegar, then we would walk home to Kenley road. Dad would give me the biggest Whelk out of the bag and it ...Read full memory

A memory of Brentford

1970s Visit

My grandparents and father were born in Brentford, so armed with an address from the census and a new-found enthusiasm for family history, I made my first ever visit. I walked along the High Street and found a large supermarket and car park covered the house and its bakery at no. 237 where they lived until WW1. I was so ...Read full memory

A memory of Brentford by Celia Cotton

Bbrentford 1950/68

I lived in Brook Road from 1949 till 1968. I went to St Johns School till 1960 and then ArchBishop Myers in Hounslow. I lived with parents May and Alf Tyrrell, with nan and grandad living upstairs, when flats were not portioned off. I remember shops such as Fred (S)mudge the Albany Road butcher, the italian ice cream ...Read full memory

A memory of Brentford by Roger Tyrrell

Brentford Arriving By Bike Along The Canal.

I am cycling along the canal and have just passed under the railway bridge. I pass under the great metal warehouse. Quickly there is a rattle as I cross the little bridge by the gauging lock, which is incidentally is a swing bridge. I admire the gauging lock office, where previously I had ...Read full memory

A memory of Brentford by Nick Beard

Brentford 1961 Part Two

Here I found myself working in the Turriff Building in 1961. Imagine lunch times with time to explore Brentford. The Butts was first of course, very near to the Turriff Building. You crossed the little footbridge over the railway and found yourself almost immeidiately in the Butts, opposite the London Boatmans ...Read full memory

A memory of Brentford by Nick Beard


Living at 8 Carville Crescent during the war, one day I spotted a German plane come out of the clouds and drop some bombs over Gunnersbury Park.

A memory of Brentford by Maurice Cole

Scout Days..

I don't suppose my old Scout group in Brentford still exists? Back in the middle 50's I belonged to the 4th Brentford Scout group based at St Faiths Church in Windmill Road. Our Scout leaders were Alan De Jong and brothers, Wally and Richard Brown. Such enjoyable days with hikes around the Denham area, weekend camping at ...Read full memory

John Thomas

Hi John, many memories of playing football in the street with you and John Padbury. The last time Jean and myself saw you, you were both about 9 or 10. All the Maslin family are now gone there's only Jean left and Dawn Trott (her niece) who lived in Cressage House, she's now retired and lives in Isleworth. Many changes in ...Read full memory

A memory of Brentford

The Ride A Street Opposite Boston Manor Park

I've been reading fondly some of the Brentford memories. I first moved to Brentford in about 1953 approx, where I lived at 7 The Ride, which was one of the four Children's Homes. I remember Mr Goddard of Goddard's furniture store. I went to St Paul's School where Mr Potts was headmaster and Tom ...Read full memory

A memory of Brentford by Paul Langseth

Kenley Road

Yes I remember your wife, I used to live at number 9 Kenley Road with my mum and dad and sister Carol. My name is John Thomas. My dad was a lorry driver and worked for Wiggins and Sankeys, delivering bricks and stuff all over England until he got a job in Brentford Market. Sadly, Mum and Dad died years ago, Dad at an early ...Read full memory

A memory of Brentford by John Thomas

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