Old Maps of Brentford

Historic Maps of Brentford and the local area.

Does any one remember these times on the 6th floor and passenger revenue floors 9 and 10. Some names Tom Abel. Ray Pullen. June Hills. Milla Pucholt Phylis Palmer Jean Elmy Hilda Jordan Jim Simpson Gregg Smee Sheila Groves Charmaine Faith Brian Thornett Pam Cox John Tarbutt Bill Studd Jean Inglis (...Read full memory)

During the 40's and 50's my life revolved around Bedford Road and surrounding area..roads like; Harnage Rd, George Rd, Pottery Rd, North Rd, Distillery Rd ,Netley Rd and Greet Rd. All these are sadly gone along with the Gas Works where on Saturday mornings I used to take a pram to get sacks of coke (...Read full memory)