Old Maps of Brentford

Historic Maps of Brentford and the local area.

Here I found myself working in the Turriff Building in 1961. Imagine lunch times with time to explore Brentford. The Butts was first of course, very near to the Turriff Building. You crossed the little footbridge over the railway and found yourself almost immeidiately in the Butts, opposite the London Boatmans (...Read full memory)

It was 4th June 1961 and John F Kennedy was due to pass by Brentford on the Great West Road. The M4 had not yet been built. I went with my friend Graham around 7pm and joined the many people sitting on Macleans wall opposite the Turriff Building. The calvalcade passed by and we started to walk away. As we did (...Read full memory)