Old Maps of Brentford

Historic Maps of Brentford and the local area.

I was born in 1937 at 73 Boston Gardens, Brentford, Middesex, near Boston Manor Station on the Picadilly Line. I left the area in 1954 to work on the south coast prior to emigrating to New Zealand in 1961. I remember the public baths (and the library!)  where I learnt to swim at a young age and, of course, the domination of the (...Read full memory)

My mother Rose Rye was born at 24 Harnage Rd Brentford in 1908. She married my father Arthur Collins, from Strand on the Green, in the 1930s. They lived there all their married life until the houses were needed for development in the 1960s. My brother and I were born in the same house, Alan in 1944 and (...Read full memory)