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Memories of Broughton

Miss Wall's House

The house on the left was occupied during the war by Miss Wall, who was the village ambulance driver, as and when required. The gates on the "new" cemetery are named in her memory. The box-like structure on the side of the house is where people used to wait for "the carrier", a horse and carriage, to go to the market in Salisbury on Tuesdays before there were buses.


The white house was the village cobbler's shop. He was Mr Steadman Russell, known always as "Stebbie". It was rumoured that it was possible to place a bet on a horse whilst he was closed for lunch by pushing the note (and the money!) through the letter box! I kept trying on behalf of my mother, but never saw the results. ...Read full memory

Sir John Colville.

This was the house occupied in the 1970s and 1980s by Sir John Colville, Assistant Private Secretary to 3 Prime Ministers, and Principal Private Secretary to Sir Winston Churchill when he was Prime Minister 1951-53 and in the 1940s to the then Princess Elizabeth. The church dates back until at least Norman ...Read full memory

3 Into 1 Will Go!

Before being converted into a single house, probably in the 1960' or 1970s, there were three families living there, Mr and Mrs Feltham, Mrs May, and the Shears family. Before this, Mr and Mrs Cards lived there, and their son Leslie was born there. They later moved to a cottage about 100 yards behind the house shown, where I lived next door to them.

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