Memories of Burnt Oak

Annunciation,St.Thomas's And St.James

I went to all three of these schools and left st.james about 1952.I read the comment from Hilary Leopold and remember her,we were in the same class at one time.I remember Irene Butler,Maureen Sexton Joan Whte and Kathleen Oates.Kathleen and I e-mail each other,she found my name on an irish site when I ...Read full memory

A memory of Burnt Oak by Teresa Keech

Ted Kay Williams School Of Dancing

Does anyone remember this dancing school? It was sandwiched between two pubs on Burnt Oak broadway opposite Woolworths. The school building was demolished in the 70s but I believe the pubs still stand. I have many fond memories of learning to dance there during the early 70s. After the school was demolished Ted & Kay relocated to two premises in Edgware but it was never quite the same.

A memory of Burnt Oak by Joan Street

Littlefield Road

My name is Beryl Lyall I lived on Littlefield Rd. I went Woodcroft Girls School. I think it is now a mixed school. Used to love to go to Toni's for an ice cream. Would love to hear from anyone who knew me. I am married now live in Texas.

I Have Walked Down Here A Few Times!

I passed the 11+ in 1952 and started Grammar school in Sept that year at Orange Hill Girls' Grammar. I caught the 140 bus from Streatfield Road, Kenton every day for 5 years which is when I left with 8 O levels and a choice of jobs. The buses were always full when they got to my stop and I often used to ...Read full memory

St Edwards And St James

I remember Sister Catherine, headteacher, and her nieces at St James; we were all frightened of Kate, as we called her. Her nieces used to throw books and rubbers and also hit us on the knuckles with rulers. I also remember the dreaded strap. I also remember there were three of us in the class named Sheila. There ...Read full memory

A memory of Burnt Oak

St James School Orange Hill Rd Burnt Oak

My memory of the area is based on my secondary school days here at the St James Catholic School, I think it was in Orange Hill Rd? I lived in Wembley during the war years and started school at St Josephs Primary in Wembley Hill. In 1951 at age 11, I started at St James in Burnt Oak. I remember I had ...Read full memory

A memory of Burnt Oak by Brian Telfer

Goldbeaters School

I am 86 years old, I remember my first day at Goldbeaters school, I was 4 years old! I walked to school every day from Littlefield Road until we moved to Gervase Road. Many times it was so foggy you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. I loved school and enjoyed making many friends there, some of those ...Read full memory

A memory of Burnt Oak

St James School Burnt Oak

I was interested in reading the comments that people have written about St James. I attended there from 1962 to 1967 and yes, I can confirm that everything that has been said is quite definitely true. Unlike many others it did not affect my life, I am still a practicing Catholic and although I don't feel it added ...Read full memory

A memory of Burnt Oak by Robin Hall

333 Deansbrook Road

I went to Woodcroft Primary School in 1966. I was born in Borehamwood, moved to Burnt Oak in 1962. It was a great place to live. Watling park, Blundell park, great times xx. I remember Debbie Davies, Lizzie True, Cheryl Hiller, Jenny Cole, she was my next door neighbour. Michelle West lived in Oldberry Road. I loved the ...Read full memory

It Looked Brand New

I remember moving to Burnt Oak in April 1974, I was born in Lambeth, South London, then my parents moved back to St Lucia when I was about three years old. hen we returned to England my parents had already found a home in Littlefield Road. I remember the journey into Burnt Oak in the Black Taxi. Burnt Oak was so clean ...Read full memory

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