Old Maps of Burnt Oak

Historic Maps of Burnt Oak and the local area.

My birth on 30 Nov 1946 at 34 Oldberry Road, Burnt Oak, is where it all started for me, but my mother & her parents moved into the house when it was built for the LCC. She's 89 now, but recalls that she, as a 9-yr-old in 1928, spent the first few days there just running up & down the stairs, as they'd come from (...Read full memory)

I was born in March 1972. We lived in Blessbury Road with my grandmother until I was 1 and then we moved to Blundell Road. I went to Woodcroft Infant and Junior school. I remember on a Saturday morning looking down Watling Avenue, and there would be swarms and swarms of people...it would be so busy. There was a (...Read full memory)