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St. Mary's RC Grammar School,Humersknott

Woodland Road 1892, Darlington
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I was born in Darlington in 1952, and lived with parents Jim & Margaret Logan, and my two elder brothers; Peter and Paul. We lived at 46 Fife Road and all attended St. Augustines RC Primary School, Larchfield Street, and then after the Scholarship, up to St. Mary's. My old form master was Mr White and the Headmaster was Father McKenna. The only boys I can remember from my class of 1961 were Christopher Concannon, a boy called Conroy (his nickname was Oggy) and a boy with surname Luke. I visited the school back in the summer of 1989, and talked with the then Headmaster, Dick Whiteside, his sister taught me at St.Augustines! I have tried to access information about St.Marys but to no avail - can anybody help. The family left Darlington in 1962, for East Kent, and both my parents are now deceased. My brothers live in differtent UK locations, and I for my sins live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers the Logan Family ,St Augustines and St. Marys.

Written by Joe Logan. To send Joe Logan a private message, click here.

A memory of Darlington in County Durham shared on Tuesday, 12th February 2013.

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RE: St. Mary's RC Grammar School,Humersknott

If you were born in 1952 then you wouldn't have started at St Mary's until 1963 - the summer that I left. The headmaster, incidentally, was not Fr McKenna but Father John McKeown. I have no idea who took over from him as I too, left Darlington permanently. When I returned to visit in the mid-1980's I had great difficulty even finding the school; when I started there in 1956 it was a large country house at the end of a half-mile long drive - Darlington simply didn't extend beyond Carmel Road at that time.

Comment from Tim Geaney on Monday, 18th February 2013.

RE: St. Mary's RC Grammar School,Humersknott

Hi, my brother attended St Mary's in the early 70's. My two daughters went to Carmel R C College five years ago, which used to be called St Mary's which is still part of the new school. It is stiill off Carmel Road - you have to turn into the Headlands off Humersknott.

Comment from Jeanette Currie on Friday, 29th March 2013.

RE: St. Mary's RC Grammar School,Humersknott

Hi, I went to St Augustines in Larch Field Street and my school teacher was a Miss Whiteside. I was in the St Joseph Home from 1962 to1965.

Comment from Elsie Dowse on Saturday, 13th July 2013.

RE: St. Mary's RC Grammar School,Humersknott

I attended St Marys 1941 to 46. Bit long in the tooth, however my brother Basil was there 5 years before me. I have been in Canada now for almost 60 years. My home town was Durham City. Time does fly. Blessing keep the faith. Fortes in fide

Comment from Frank Mellon on Thursday, 22nd August 2013.

RE: St. Mary's RC Grammar School,Humersknott

Father McKeown was the headmaster during my intern from 1961 - 1965. Dick Whiteside was a teacher then and a little too keen on the cane (or maybe it was me who deserved it). I remember long trudges in the snow up the drive that never seemed to end! Lots of nice memories but also some bad ones. Bullying was the name of the game back then! My form-master & French teacher, Mr Roberts, was a gem and the school trip to France one I have never forgotten. A few years ago I took one of my daughters back to France (I've lived in Australia since 1970) and it was Mr Roberts' French lessons that came flooding back as I actually surprised myself by being able to communicate with the locals, albeit it very simple French. Thank you Mr Roberts ... you made a big difference to my life. "Bart" was a brother who taught Latin, and I recall getting 100 points for my house team for being able to recite the Lords Prayer in Latin! Then there was Physics and/or Chemistry teacher Mr Goodwin, better known as Bloodwin by us students due to his overuse of the cane. As I remember, his overuse caused one student ... Cooper, I think ... to give him a good hiding ... and got expelled for his good deed. I remember Hutchison, a boy with an amazing ability with languages, who sadly left school at an early age! Hollande who always seemed to be the one the bullies picked on. The bullies, whose names cannot be published (H backed up by G and H) you know who you are... Thanks guys for making my life a misery! But from that misery came the ability of diplomacy and negotiation so, in a strange way, I guess I should actually thank you.

Comment from Pieter Marchant on Sunday, 15th December 2013.


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