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West End School - The Oval in The Early 50's

Is there anybody out there who attended West End and who remembers having playtimes on the oval, the purpley/blue uniform with those horizontal block coloured ties, lessons on etiquette and table manners? If so please contact me......were the school records and pupil reports archived and if so, can copies be obtained?

A memory of Harrogate in North Yorkshire shared on Wednesday, 28th November 2012.

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RE: West End School - The Oval in The Early 50's

Yes I remember it well, and also walking around the oval. I would love to get back in touch with Fi Harper. She had a twin sister Debbie and started school the same time as me around 1960. We lost touch after we left school, I think she and her family moved to Cornwall? Was anyone else forced to eat peas by Mrs Baxter? 5 order marks if you stepped on to the school grass! Just remembered taking pretty handkies in to school to sell, in Miss Twistleton's class.

Comment from Sally Maltby on Wednesday, 9th January 2013.

RE: West End School - The Oval in The Early 50's

Thank you Sally for your response. I unfortunately pre date your attendance having been at No 4 West End during the period 1952/53. I was hoping to access the School records for that period to see if there were any class/group photographs but I haven't been able to find any archives. I have a note here in my file which reads"Mr. Styan[P.E.] regarded Mrs Gray{Principal} as great teacher and encouraged her to found a school for young persons-Mr Styan suggested pupils from his significant business connections." Unfortunatly I only attended for one year, due to the family removing to East Lancashire, but my memories of West End were clearly implanted in my early life. Just out of interest the family business was Curries Irish Linens and the stall was in the lower Market Hall. Before I attended No4, I went to a kindergarten on Tewittwell Road but I can't remember the name or the number...can anyone help? Thanks in anticipation.

Comment from David Currie on Friday, 25th January 2013.

RE: West End School - The Oval in The Early 50's

I have fond memories of West End which I attended from 1956-1961 before moving on to Ashville College (and then Kingswood). I was followed by my siblings Jo, Paul and Felicity. I remember the following staff:- Mrs Gray, Mr Styan, Miss Twistleton, Mrs Embleton, Mrs Spence, Mrs Britain, and Miss Leathheart. I still remember a rather uncharitable limerick about Mrs Spence and that Mr Styan used to demonstrate his expertise with Indian Clubs. I moved away from Harrogate in the mid 1960's so I was gutted to discover that West End was sold in 1999 and as a company it was wound up in 2003. Does anyone have photos or a good description of the school? Dr John Studley PhD MA OND CGeog FRGS

Comment from Dr John Studley on Friday, 28th June 2013.

RE: West End School - The Oval in The Early 50's

It's funny how a rather strange dream (not quite a nightmare but close) last week about a place I've managed to forget about for years drove me to do some googling. I attended West End from 1984-1989, so rather later than other people here. It may have been a good school in the 1950s, by the 1980's it wasn't just the building that was showing its age. Let's just say that if I had children and the school was still there I wouldn't dream of sending them to that school. If the truth be told, if I kept pigs I wouldn't think of kenneling them there. As an aside, in the early 80's there was a gravestone for a dog in the school grounds. Now that the building has been completely demolished I wonder if that grave is still there?

Comment from Andrew Zigmond on Thursday, 26th September 2013.


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