Nuneaton, Newdegate Street c.1945

Nuneaton, Newdegate Street c.1945

Neg. N89009

Memories of Nuneaton

Galley Common

Lovely childhood memories of Valley Road in the 1950`s, lived there from 1952 till 1956. I was one of five children living with my parents; my dad worked at the Tunnel as he called it. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Nuneaton

Abc Minors Club

Seeing the photograph of the old Ritz cinema reminded me of the time when I was a member of the Ritz Minors Club from approx. 1947 until 1952. We all paid 6 old pence to have a morning ...Read full memory

A memory of Nuneaton by Donald Baxter

Marston Jabbett Caravan Park

We moved here from Coventry in about 1956-1957, it was a 22 foot mobile home. We met Jack and Rene Linford who had an adopted daughter, Carol Linford, same age as me. ...Read full memory

A memory of Nuneaton by Angela Bolton

Barpool Road In The 50s

My Mum's family lived on Barpool road (Nan and Gramps still do) and she often tells us how the kids in the street played together with giant skipping ropes made from the ...Read full memory

A memory of Nuneaton by Beth Clark

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