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Peterlee memories

Here are memories of Peterlee and the local area. You can start now: Add your own Memory of Peterlee or a Peterlee photo.

Happy Days

I have a lot of happy memories of living in Peterlee. My mam, dad and me moved there when I was 6 months old from Hartlepool. We lived in Bailey Rise, a new house then. I can still remember the smell from the Tudor crisp factory which was just at the bottom of our garden, I am sure that is why I love crisps. Then there was the big house where I can remember going for injections and I think other things happened there, but memory fails me. I can also remember there being no hospitals and having to go to Sunderland to have my arm fixed. Sadly I left in 1971 to come to South Shields because my dad left Hordon pit for a new job, I've never returned so I don't know if any of the places I remember are still there.

Peterlee, Passfield Way And Thames Road Area

Yoden Way c1965, Peterlee
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I remember Peterlee before the new houses on Grampian Drive were built. Me and my friends and brothers used to play in the cornfield that used to be where Grampian Drive and Christchurch Place are now. And I remember going to pick blackberries from the bushes that lined the path going up Passfield Way right up to the council offices where Okerside is now built, and the farm that used to be right at the top of the cornfield that was where the Black Bull is now (I think). You could not imagine Peterlee to have been like that after so many changes. Oh, and there was the swimming pool that used to be in Thames Road, many a summer's day we spent there with family and friends. If anyone has any photographs I would love to se them.

Peterlee - The Place to Be.

Yoden Way c1965, Peterlee
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My mother had a few problems back in 1979 in a small village called Glossop in Greater Manchester, so she placed an ad in our local paper asking for an exchange of houses. We never knew that we would get a response from what seemed to be a lifetime journey. Peterlee. For me Peterlee was a new town, only 15 years old, it has all flat roofs, and big gardens, some people said it was like Bethlehem. As we drove past Shotton Hall School for the very first time, I was told by the people who lived there, that that would be my school if we moved up north. I knew of no bigger fear at the time, moving school was something I had never done. I remember crying for the longest time ever when I had to start school some five years ago. Leaving friends from the past was going to be a whole new life. After we made the first visit to Peterlee, we agreed to make the... Read more

Changing Peterlee

Yoden Way c1965, Peterlee
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The Photogragh of the town centre has changed a lot since it was build. This row of building is still there. They have just built around it making it into a masive complex. I often do my shopping in the town centre. We have an Asda and many more shops. I was born in 1962 but did not come to Peterlee until 1965 from Stoke-on-Trent i can remember walking up a down this street when my mother went to do her shopping. Peterlee has gone through many many changes since.
Does any one out there have some other details to fill me in on about Peterlee?
Are there any photogragh of Dene close area in the 1960s out there?

Peterlee Then And Noe

I don't remember any of my childhood until I moved to Peterlee in 1971. I was 5 years old at the time and was started at Eden Hall infants. When I moved to the big school aged 7 I was placed in Mrs Hoy's class, she was a fantastic teacher. In my second year I was put into Mrs Hudson's class, where for the first time I realised what a strong willed woman my mam was. Mrs Hudson gave all the kids in class a nickname; Michael Fairhurst became 'fairycakes', Paul McCabe was 'cavey' Michael Burns was 'burnsy' and so on. As my surname was Collins at the time I became 'collywobbles', my mam heard about this and went berserk. At the time the lower school had their assembly on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. On that particular Thursday morning my mam marched me to the school and virtually invaded the assembly. The headmaster (the towering Mr Pascoe) was addressing the school when my mam let rip. She wasn't very subtle... Read more

Lived in Peterlee Until I Was 7 or 8 Yrs Old

I was born in the little maternity hospital in Easington and lived in Kiln Hill Walk in Peterlee. Later we moved to Cumbrian Way, this is the house I remember. I attended the infants school that was knocked down in later years, I think it was called Ellison School. My sisters went there too and I also remember them going to Dean House(?) I can't remember exactly what it was called! My grandparents lived in Blackhall and we would spend quite a lot of time over there too. The West Indies batsman Desmond Haynes lodged with them as a young man at the start of his cricket career - so I have fond memories of that experience. I remember walking to the shops regularly with my mam as she didn't drive and carrying the shopping home. We would occassionly go to the town centre in Hartlepool too, where my grandad lived and where both of my parents were born. Most of my memory of living in Peterlee and surrounding areas... Read more

My Time in Peterlee Starting in 1955

My family and I moved to Peterlee in the Autumn of 1955. We lived in Thorntree Gill. Petelee was quite new then. We could see the North Sea from my parent's bedroom window. At that time there were no schools, churches, hospitals, few stores, etc. My sister and I attended school in Horden. We walked to school with our friends, and usually had a good time coming and going. The school was old and the toilets were outside. Lunches were served in the hallways, and we ate in our classrooms. Miss Nickoles was the Headmistress of the senior girls school. I thought she was a stern woman, but I liked her. There were fields all around to play in and fly kites. Castle Eden Dene was close by, and what a wonderful place to visit. People were even allowed to go off the path. I loved to walk from the beach in Hoden right through to the little church in Castle Eden; which was left unlocked back... Read more

Playing Football

I remember playing football with you and Brian little who went on to play for Aston Villa and England I lived in 20 Kirkstone Avenue. John Orchard

Peterlee in The 50's/early 60's

I was 2 or 3 months old in 1954 when the family moved from Wheatley Hill into a newly built council house on Kirkstone Road at the Horden end. My earliest memory is of sitting on the door step waiting for my brother (Bill) who was a year older to come home from school.
I followed him to Dene House Infants a year later before moving onto the junior school. I remember our teacher Miss Patterson and a teacher called Mr Miller. The head was Mr Westgarth. Mr Miller picked the school football team and whilst in the 1st year, I along with Michael Brown and Brian Little were selected to play with lads 4 years older. The only other player I remember is Peter Wolfe who was in the 4th year. One out of the 3 of us even managed to get a full England cap at football - I wonder who that was. When we got picked for the team we had to take our strip home... Read more

The 1980s

I originally lived in Blackhills Terrace, Horden and went to Blackhills Road Junior School and like my brothers and sister went on to Dene House Comprehensive. As a kid I did not really venture a lot into Peterlee, probably if I was lucky to see the jazz bands at the carnival. Then after starting at the Comp in 1982 we moved to Southway into a 3 storey house which was great. When it snowed (and in those days it DID snow) we would all go out the back and have a snowball fight, and we all seemed to get on well with the neighbours' kids and on one occasion even the parents joined in. All around that estate there were 3 storey houses down Avon Road, Thames Road, and Helford Road, to name a few. And flats were everywhere also and funny 'T' shaped houses called canterlevers. I had really good times there and really enjoyed the atmosphere, the games of football on the field, riding my bike up and... Read more

Fun Times

I was born in 1962 and lived in Peterlee for only 6 years. I remember fun times and the holidays from school were full of activities on a big green, where you learnt how to roller skate, walk on stilts and had so much fun. Good times.

My Last Year in Peterlee

Hi, I am Kurt Kissling From Germany.
I lived with my sisters Jenny and Joan and my parents Kurt and Nelly for 2 years in Peterlee from 1956 till 1958. Then we left England. We live now in Germany 50 years but I never forget my Peterlee. I was born in Iveston.

Memories of County Durham

Horden 1930s

St Mary's Church c1955, Horden
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I was born in 1928 at 20, Cotsford Crescent, the third son of a miner William Holmes. All his brothers were miners and myself and my brothers worked underground. I remember Lumleys shop as it was not far away and Mr. Lumley refused to sell me a penny box of matchs that my dad had sent me for as I was only six years old. It was about that time when a Scottish Regiment marched by to the sound of the bagpipes, they camped for the night at Blackhall. They were on the way to Hartlepool for sailing to India. I think it was 1933 when the airship R101 flew over Horden out to sea on its way to the Continent. I went to the infant school along Sunderland Road, on the way I passed the garage, it sold Cleveland petrol at 11.5 pence (old money) a gallon. I can remember an uncle taking me along to the colliery one Friday to get his wages when a handcart went by, pushed... Read more

St Marys Church Horden,.

St Mary's Church c1955, Horden
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My mother and father were married at this church on the 5th of March 1960 George Turnbull and Jaqueline Kell. Does any one out there know them?
George Turnbull (THIS WAS AN UNCLE OF MY DADS WHO WAS NAMED AFTER HIM AND MY GREAT UNCLE) was buried from this church in 1982.
This church still stands. I would like to know the vicors name at the time of both my dads marriage to my mam and my great uncle burial please can any one help.

to Kareen Surtees

St Mary's Church c1955, Horden
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Hi Kareen.
I am interested in what you said about your mam and dad's burial and wedding.
The wedding of your parents I'm sure was Rev W.H. Walton before he died.
And when your father was buried in 1980 Fr Alan Bowser, I'm certain of this because I started serving on the alter around about that time. Hope I've been helpful to you. David Lee.
I started serving at the altar of St Mary's church. My memories were lovely ones of friends I knew over the years, my old priests that I have worked with, what a joy to do what I did. The places we visited as a parish. Oberamagou 1970 and 1980.  Everything we did was satisfying in many ways. My late mam and dad did their bit, Tom and Freda Lee as verger, Dad did the garden, I helped when able. Loads of memories. My sister got maried there, I myself got married to my late wife Carol in 1986. Sadly now I can... Read more

Horden And St Marys Church

St Mary's Church c1955, Horden
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My mum was born in March 1931 in the Easington Colliery area, 26 Boyd Street, and was the youngest of 5.  All the men in the family were miners - they lived close to Easington and Horden for work. The two elder sisters, Doris and Greta (named after the Greta Bridge in Rokeby), were away from home for the latter part of the war years working in bigger towns.  My Aunt Greta never returned to live in the north east, finally settling in Telford. The family were very musical.  As part of the "war effort" my grandma, Alice Mosey, put on charity concerts at the Hall in Horden (Salvation Army I think) in which she used to recite poems and monologues (in dialect) she had written herself. Along with other "local talent", my mum and her brothers used to join in the entertainment and my grandad Mark Mosey, who was in the ARP at that time, as part of his contribution provided a blackout curtain for the stage! My mum... Read more

Horden Memories

St Mary's Church c1955, Horden
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I was born in Horden in 1946 (Elizabeth Lumley) and my father (George Lumley) (and his father before him) ran Lumley's grocery store which was on the bank top (21 Beech Terrace - now a house but the United bus stop is still callled Lumley's) just after you enter Horden from Blackhall. We moved from Horden in 1954 when my father's health broke down but I was a bridesmaid at this church circa 1951. Sadly both of my parents are now dead so I do not even know the name for the bride and groom though I think they will still be around. I have the wedding photograph and can still remember standing on the church steps.

My grandfather (Henry Lumley) started off as a miner - I think they lived in 13th Street and started running a shop from there in the late 1930s. From there he moved to Beech Terrace and set up as a grocer.

I was 8 when we left Horden but still have... Read more

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