Memories of Romford

Home From 55 To 64

Mawney Road School 55 Pettits Lane 55 to 59 Married 64 at Good Shepherd Church Mildmay Road and Oaks Avenue Worked at Grenvilles Men's Clothing on the Eastern Avenue Maiden Name Cummings Loved my teenage years. Enjoyed school, teachers I remember are Miss Henn MrsHounsell Mrs Rogers Nimbus dance hall every Sat night, ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford by Brenda Gower

Bbc Documentary About Harold Hill

The BBC is looking at the day that Margaret Thatcher introduced the 'Right to Buy' scheme, allowing people in council houses to buy their own homes. The film will look at the benefits for several million people who became homeowners, and the difficulty for councils in replacing the stock of social ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford by Real Life Media

We The Harris Family Lived In 86 Dagenham Road

Hi all, I was born at No 86 Dagenham Road which at the time was Harris and.sons Greengrocers shop born in 1943 and lived there until1961. My Brothers Richard John and Norman used to manage the shop until my Mother Violet Gladys Harris sold it to my Aunt Nell and cousins Tony and Peter Butler. ...Read full memory

School Days

Mawney Road School and Pettits Lane were my schools and I had two best friends who lived up Dorsit Ave; one friend was Kay L------ and Peter Ph------ we always walked to school together or Peter would give me a ride on the cross bar of her bike. I often wonder what happened to them both!

A memory of Romford by Heather Woolf

Rush Green Romford

Hi, I'm an ex Romford lad, I lived in 61 Douglas Road from 1942-1958. When I left school in 1950 I started work in the London Co-op in Park Lane as an errand boy. I bought my first bicycle from Sisselys in Rush Green, it was a Sunbeam, I had that for a good many years and went out weekends on it. I did a couple of trips to ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford by John Gower


Has anyone a memory of Anns Corset Shop or Sarahs, in Romford? I do need people to talk to me regarding corsets and foundation wear. Did you work in a department store selling foundation wear or a shop? I need you to tell me about your experiences with customers or your experiences with foundation wear, no matter how whacky or off ...Read full memory

Night Of The V1 Bomb

After we were bombed out in London my parents bought a house in Romford, Essex. My father was working for the Ford Motor Company that had converted its assembly lines to manufacture Bren gun carriers and other war time vehicles. In his absence my mother and I typically slept in a bomb shelter in our garden, but on this ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford by Ray Tricker

Doing The Shopping

I lived a mile or so east of Rush Green, in Barton Avenue but my mum would send me with a note to get the shopping for the family. She would sometimes give me eight half crowns or 1, a lot of money then. I would cycle down, first to Brown's the butchers, the first shop after the houses. Mr Brown who had huge butchers ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford by Tony Davis


I remember going to the Saturday morning picture in the Laurie Hall, it cost 6d. We lived in North Street and going back through the churchyard to the next street there was an ice factory threre and on a hot day they would give us a pieceof ice to suck on the way home. Great memories.

A memory of Romford by Gerry Francis

Market Day

I well remember as a small girl going to the top of Kensington Road to watch the cattle being driven to the market on a Wednesday morning, I think they were from Fowlers Farm but not too sure about that one, then we used to go to the market and watch the cattle being auctioned and also to watch Lou the handbag man selling his bags and ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford

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