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Longley Road 1960s

I lived in Longley Road 1956 to 74. I remember playing football in Charlemont Road with my friends Richard and Johnjoe every evening till it got dark, no cars, no people, great times.
I also remember seeing the Beatles in Trevelyan Road before they went to the Tooting Granada to perform (who would believe that happened?). We had a lot of freedom in those days.
I stiil visit Tooting for work now and again, it has sadly changed a lot.

Written by John Gwyther. To send John Gwyther a private message, click here.

A memory of Tooting in Greater London shared on Sunday, 11th January 2009.

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RE: Longley Road 1960s

I remember Tooting market, ABC Cinema (ABC minors), St James's Hospital, Di Sotos ice cream, the old Co-op (R.A.C.S.), the Classic cinema, the Astoria, the Granada cinema. Buses 151, 77, 88,181. Hurleys shop a bit further along from Tooting Bec, towards Balham. I have fond memories of where I grew up, but I don't like how it is now.

Comment from Richard Baker on Sunday, 21st November 2010.

RE: Longley Road 1960s

Hi John, Like you I remember the area very well I lived in Lyveden Road, the railway ran between our two roads. Lyveden is at the top of Robinson Rd. I moved from there to Newbury in Berkshire in 1969. I go back occasionaly to have a nose round, and must agree with you that it has lost its character completely. I worked as a projectionist at both the classic theatres, one being the Vogue that changed to a bingo hall, but I stayed on as a circuit engineer bassed at the Grand, Clapham Junction until I moved. Cheers, Tony.

Comment from Tony Burgess on Saturday, 25th December 2010.

RE: Longley Road 1960s

Hi John, next to Longley Road is Remuir Street, the top end are now flats. I lived in Remuir Street right where the flats are now. Our house was flattened the night a doodle bug fell, a direct hit, myself and family was lucky to get out thanks to my granddad. Small world, reading about you living in Longley Road - it brought that night back. My maiden name is Jamieson.

Comment from Beryl Clark on Thursday, 30th January 2014.

RE: Longley Road 1960s

My parents were living at 1 Longley Road when I was born at Kingston hospital. My great granddad George Augustus Cusden (my mum's granddad) lived downstairs. I think my brother Malcolm was also born while we were living there. My mum and dad are Anne and Eddie Reeves. Apparently we also had relatives at number 5 Longley Road. We moved to Luton when I was about 4.

Comment from Karen Reeves on Sunday, 9th March 2014.

RE: Longley Road 1960s

Hi Karen you say you lived at no1 longley road may be your parents remember mr and mrs caligan they had a daughter Glinda ,she was a good friend of mine they live just along near no one but I can remember the number regards Beryl Clark nee Jamieson

Comment from Beryl Clark on Saturday, 22nd March 2014.


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