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Ascot memories

Here are memories of Ascot and the local area. You can start now: Add your own Memory of Ascot or a Ascot photo.

Cheapside C of E School

High Street c1960, Ascot
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I grew up in Cheapside Village and went to Cheapside C of E School when it was still in Cheapside Road between Mrs Clarke's house and Mrs Mc Master's house, opposite the social centre. I remember Mr Goulding the Headmaster who was an amazing music and singing teacher. How I loved the assemblies each morning, singing our hearts out as he played the piano. Each day at the end of assembly, there was the 'collection'. We children would line up to put our pennies in the box for the starving children in India. (I wonder how many pennies ended up getting to the starving children of India). How honest we all were in those days. I don't know of any child who even thought of spending his or her collection money on the way to school in Mr Prew's shop. A penny bought four Black Jacks or four Fruit Salad chews. A shilling bought a hot school dinner, cooked by Mrs Wigmore and Mrs Brind. Children set the tables and put... Read more

Sunninghill And St Michaels Cof E School

High Street c1960, Ascot
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I was so surprised to find this site – pleasantly so! I now live in South Africa, but was born in Sunninghill in 1943. My mother told me when I was old enough, that I had been premature, jaundiced (apparently my yellow skin matched my hair) weighed very little and nothing fitted me – but with the help of the legendary district nurse – Nurse Johns, my mother was able to feed me with a fountain pen dropper, and here I am.! Until I was three we lived in Mount Cottage in Exchange Rd. – in 1946 we moved to a brand new council house in Victoria Rd South Ascot. I attended St Michaels C of E school and later Ranelagh in Bracknell, and have had contact with a couple of old school friends through ‘Friends Reunited’ Although a number of my relatives lived in Sunninghill, the only one remaining is my Uncle Ralph Cooper and his wife Doris, who live in Exchange Rd. Do any of you remember Miss... Read more

Ascot 1966

High Street c1960, Ascot
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I was born just outside Ascot in Cheapside in 1954. In 1966 we were living in Buxton, Derbyshire and this picture brings back memories of those days when we used to visit my grandparents in south Ascot for Christmas and holidays. It used to take most of the day with 5 kids and my parents in a Ford Zephyr to travel down, it was a long journey with a big welcome at the end. All our relatives came down from London and up from the south at the same time and it was an enjoyable family get-together. The kids used to walk up to Conies sweet shop then travel back via the bog in time for tea - sandwiches, jelly and fizzy pop.

The Football Years

A Glimpse of The South c1955, Ascot
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On this very field the F.A cup finals were played.  Of course in the imagination of young boys.  It served as a picnic venue, blackberrying with Mum and sisters.  Today it is a playing field with a small park for the youngsters.  Sunday league football is played here now but never with those names Tom Finney, the Stanleys Matthews and Mortenson, Bert Trautmann (the german goalie). Innocent, endearing and at 60 years old when I pass the field I AM STILL NAT LOFTHOUSE!!
Mums gone, sisters moved. I see it every day.  A VERY evocative photograph!!

Wentworth Way

How lovely to hear about Fernbank Road. I came to live in Wentworth Way about 1960 and went to Ascot Heath school and on to Charters. I had a weekend job in the sweet shop and newsagents, as it was then. Still return to visit mum and other siblings. In those days I was a Davidson. I can remember the Hunt family, Kinsella's ,Shutes and Shepherds. What a shame there is no more Gold Cup or Cranbourne Towers. My vivid memories are of school being closed during Ascot week as the horses used to be stabled at Mill Ride and walked through the top playground to the course. Also, sports day up on the cricket field in the middle of the course. Happy days.

The Hunts

Dear Susan, I think that I was great friends with your mum and dad, I was with him when he met your mum at the Old Leathern Bottle at Warfield, she was in the Land Army and he had just been discharged from the Navy, we joined together. We always worked together at Royal Ascot race meetings, also your granddad. Your mum Dot was a London girl and I have many fond memories of being with them both. I think I was with them when you were a baby and had very bad whooping cough and you used to pass out, frightening us all. If you recieve this please contact me at. Ron.

Early Memories of an Ascotonian

Dear Susan Hunt, Ascotonian. Just a slight correction regarding your memories. I am not "Your" Richard Dale, sory, athough I think your memories are super. I was born in June 1937, in Fernbank Road, close to Goaters Road, and I attended Ascot Heath Shool from 1942 to 1952. Best Wishes, Richard F. Dale.

Early Memories of an Ascotonian

I was born at 40 Bracken Bank (off Fernbank Road) in June 1953. I attended Ascot Heath Primary School on the original site in Fernbank Road, from 1958 until 1964. I remember Richard Dale from these days, although I am not sure if he attended Ascot Heath for all that time. I do remember very well walking home from school with him and playing in the front garden of a largish house on the Gold Cup side of Fernbank Road - I think this must have been where he lived, although I don't remember every going inside. My most vivid memory is of Richard and I sitting together under the hedge in the front of this house and Richard giving me my first ever kiss. I think we were aged six or seven !

Early Memories of an Ascotonian.

My earliest memories of Ascot were of the wonderful people who lived in and around the Fernbank Road area. These people were and still are the true people of Ascot. Although we were all "Working-class" we had the most wonderful childhoods any children have ever had. This was a true community. Everybody had their place and were proud of it. We saw many changes and adapted to them, people were much happier then. We only had three leaders and organisers, the Church, the local Pub: and the Produce Association and all worked together to run our village.
Wonderful days which I am sure will not be repeated.  Richard Dale.

Memories of Berkshire

High St (actually Brockenhurst Road...)

High Street 1906, South Ascot
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We recently moved to Ascot in 2010, our house is about half way down the left hand side of the photo - or rather it would be if the photo had been taken 3 years later (our house was built 1909).

The house on the right is more or less the same today and you can see the railway bridge in the distance. About as close as I can get to an old photo of our house!

My Memories of The Three Jays.

The Three Jays c1960, Sunninghill
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I lived in Oriental Road which is the road that runs down the side of the pub since I was born in 1977. I met my husband in the pub in 1998, he lived in a house opposite the Three Jays which I moved into and it became our family home. Unfortunately a fire in c1999 meant that it was demolished and in its place we now have 12 two bedroomed apartments.

Forgotten Children

Church of St Michael And All Angels 1901, Sunninghill
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My mother (Doris Daye) was married to a Canadian, Robert Lennox, at this church in January 1941. I was born in July. We lived at 8 The Terrace, Sunning Hill. Aparently he was AWOL and was sent back to Canada some 4 years later, but my mother stayed around. I was fostered into a family in Bracknell, never to see my mother again until 6 years ago, she is now 92 and living with my half sister. My mother had a sister, Maud, that married into the Cape family and had a brother called Bill, both now deceased. Their children that all came from Sunninghill are all alive and well. I live in New Zealand. I have a photo of the then preacher, and the names of two Sunninghill residents, L.M.Cape (Dec) and Boyce Crowdis Mason whom I have not located. Regards, Colin

Not Just

A Lane 1901, Sunninghill
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...but the main road - London Road, I believe it's called - that runs through Ascot, down Wells Hill and to the roundabout just to the church end of Sunninghill village before going on through Virginia Water. The bridge was demolished many years ago but the footings can still be seen in the steep bank alongside the road. The bridge was almost in the same place as the 'new' roundabout.

The Good Life

I was born in 1926 at no 2 The Terrace. My dad was Taity Ponsford and I had 5 brothers and 2 sisters my sister Ida and Cis, who was killed in a motor cycle accident in 1933, at the time she was with Bill Murrant a local golf pro. My gran also lived on The Terrace, her husband was Shovel Stevens which I don't understand as my mother's maiden name was Platt. I moved away when I was 5 as Mum ran off with the lodger, Ted Craker, and I lived for many years as Ron Craker in Sandhust, Crowthorn, and Winkfield. I joined the Royal Navy in 1943 and saw the rest of the Second World War out. I finished my school days at Winkfield St Mary's where I made many great friends and would love to hear from any of them. Ron Ponsford.

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