Memories of Battersea

Surrey Lane

My mum Vera Thurgood, eldest of 6 children was born 1914 at 96 Surrey Lane. Grandad James, married to Katherine was a coal merchant with 12 work horses in the back yard. He used to give me rides on them in the yard. The laundry, Sunlight, I think, was next door. I spent many happy days visiting my grandparents especially when ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea by penny.dudley

Memories Of Battersea

i was born in sisters avenue lavender hill 1948 spent my youth and adult years in battersea. spending many a weekend dancing in battersea town hall watching the news of the world darts championship. having a quiet pint in my local the cornet of horse on lavender hill. attended wycliffe secondary school wycliffe road from ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea by jcscott48

Winstanley Estate Before Demolition

I was born and lived in maysoule road in 1938 on the corner of maysoule road was a off licence called gogays and a news agent on opposite owned by the same gogays there was a hair dresser on plough road run by jack bus he also repaired clocks ,further down plough road was Vickers green grocers and lewis fish ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea by kenneth.crick

So Many Memories

Born in Henley Street in 1936. Bombed during blitz, moved to Grandparents House in Blondel St:. After the war the council repaired the bomb damage so we moved back to Henley Street. So many memories! - The Super Palace cinema in York Rd; (AKA as the Bug Hutch). Latchmere School, Surrey Lane School -this became William ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea by Ron Large

Year 1941 1965. In Battersea

I was born in HARLETON STREET off Battersea Bridge Road around the corner to Battersea Police Station. My grandparents llived there as young newly weds and grandma gave birth to 11 children in the same house. My father took. Over the house when grandma died. So the memories go way back. The time after the end of ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea by sylviawitham5

Growing Up In Battersea

I have very happy memories growing up in Battersea. My very special memories are of me and my friends Jackie Heath and Geoffrey Marshall going to Battersea Park and going into what was called the Jungle back then. We would get dirty and grubby, and we would stay there for hours just messing around and having fun. ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea by April Gagg

Roydon Street

I lived in Roydon Street in the late 40's and early 50's. The names I remember are the Kirbys, the Mulhollands and Vicky Robbins who was the same age as me. Both my parents were born in Battersea, my dad's family from the Sheepcote Lane area. There was a house which had been bombed in Roydon Street and we called it the Debry ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea

Memories Of Battersea

I was born in Battersea in 1939. We lived at various addesses. There were five of us. I was the youngest and my eldest brother Charles was born in 1930 in Victoria Dwellings. I went to William Blake Secondary Modern School. Our last address before I got married and moved out of London was 89 Surrey Lane. I remember ...Read full memory

Lavender Hill

Anyone remember a girl called Nadine? She lived in flats on lavender hill in1969? She had a little sister called Marlene and a brother. Nadine was about 18, thin with long blonde hair. She was my best friend for a time but we drifted apart. I'd love to know what happened to her, and hope she had a great life.

A memory of Battersea

Living In Battersea

I remember living at 8 rowditch lane with my sister june and my three brothers bill Frederick and david and mum and dad the surname was Watson I went to lavender hill school for girls in amies street battersea from 1960 to 1964 I had a friend name jenny jones I remember she married a chris bonner if any know any imformation please contact me

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