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Memories of Battersea

Gray's Dancing Academy,Opposite The Granada.

Hi,does anyone have any stories,or pictures of Gray's? My mum (Jean Ward), attended and has fond memories of Marilyn Meehan, Beryl Allen, Jim Phillips, plus Ron and Audrey Potty among others. Thank you for any help. Ian.

A memory of Battersea by Ian Rawat

The Lion In Plough Rd

Pathe News covered this on film, we saw it at the Granada Cinema after - I lived opposite where it happened.

A memory of Battersea by Alan Brett

So Many Memories

Born in Henley Street in 1936. Bombed during blitz, moved to Grandparents House in Blondel St:. After the war the council repaired the bomb damage so we moved back to Henley Street. So many memories! - The Super Palace cinema in York Rd; (AKA as the Bug Hutch). Latchmere School, Surrey Lane School -this became William ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea by Ron Large

Growing Up In Battersea

I have very happy memories growing up in Battersea. My very special memories are of me and my friends Jackie Heath and Geoffrey Marshall going to Battersea Park and going into what was called the Jungle back then. We would get dirty and grubby, and we would stay there for hours just messing around and having fun. ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea by April Gagg

Plough Lane ?

My dad, Jack Stanley (born 1937 ) told me of a lion which escaped into a back garden when the train it was on was hit by a bomb. I have found a clip on pathe news so I know it happened, but can't find much more information. Would love to hear more about my dad's tale.

A memory of Battersea by Sara Stanley

Father Christmas And The Funfair

I remember coming out of the Granada cinema (Grenadiers, Saturday morning) near Christmas to watch Father Christmas riding down St Johns Hill in a stagecoach, to take up residence at Arding and Hobbs. I also remember the Easter Parade in Battersea Park on Easter Sunday which ended with the opening of the funfair, and the tree walk ready for Easter Monday and the summer season.


I remember the Granada, 6 pence for the Saturday morning flics. I always felt sorry for the plonker that had to do his bit and make us sing along before the flics started. After the show, down to 'Notarianni's for a 3 penny wafer of ice cream, then walk home along Lavender Hill re-enacting the main film or the trailer and trying ...Read full memory

Grandmother Lived In Battersea

Hello - year approx. 1945 or earlier. I used to visit my grandmother Maria Reading in the Battersea flats. They would be unlivable now by today's standards. No indoor plumbing, no heat, but they did have gas lights (which one day while visiting I "tweaked" the little pockets, not a good idea). I was ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea

My Favourite Haunt

My memories scan over 50 years, I lived in Anhalt Road and then Ethelburga Street and spent countless hours in the Park. The funfare, with fireworks every Friday night for the end of war celebrations, the tree walk along the riverbank. The smell of the leaves composting in the big bins near the gardeners lodge, the swings ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea by John Godbold

Battersea Girl

I lived in Birley street with my parents and brother Colin. I have very happy memories of shaftesbury park school and later on Clapham county grammar school. Many days were spent on Clapham Common and at battersea park, where the funfair used to be. I can remember going to Clapham Junction either to the cinema or for a wimpy or ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea

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