Memories of Battersea

1930s Grant Road And Also Plough Road School

Hi, My beloved Dad who sadly passed away in the Summer was born in Grant Road .He I also lived in Harbut Road and Lyford Road .His home in Harbut Road and Lyford Road are still there .He attended Plough Road School in the mid 1930s .Over the past couple of years I've been helping him look into his ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea by murphsmum


I remember the Granada, 6 pence for the Saturday morning flics. I always felt sorry for the plonker that had to do his bit and make us sing along before the flics started. After the show, down to 'Notarianni's for a 3 penny wafer of ice cream, then walk home along Lavender Hill re-enacting the main film or the trailer and trying ...Read full memory

Grandmother Lived In Battersea

Hello - year approx. 1945 or earlier. I used to visit my grandmother Maria Reading in the Battersea flats. They would be unlivable now by today's standards. No indoor plumbing, no heat, but they did have gas lights (which one day while visiting I "tweaked" the little pockets, not a good idea). I was ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea

Battersea Born And Bred

I was born in the flats at Stewarts Lane by the dogs' home in 1950. My mum was born in Tidemore Street and my grandad in Curry Street, Nine Elms in 1897. My dad was born in Livingstone Road, the other end of Battersea, and also lived in Maysoule Road. My mum and dad met whilst queing outside the Granada in 1945. ...Read full memory

Wycliffe Road

I lived in 31 Wycliffe Road just down from where the chimney sweep kept his soot. A number of films were shot in the "courts" between the streets Beaufoy Road and Bassnett Road. I moved in 1965 aged 11 not long after the area was razed to the ground to make way for a new much needed housing estate. I went to Wixs Lane School, ...Read full memory

My Grandparents Home

My dad was brought up in Battersea, he lived in Roydon Street, just off Battersea High Street. I remember the street well but can find nothing about it on the web or even find a map with it on. It was a weird kind of street, it was split down the middle and where my dad lived was in the middle of the road so to speak, ...Read full memory

My Favourite Haunt

My memories scan over 50 years, I lived in Anhalt Road and then Ethelburga Street and spent countless hours in the Park. The funfare, with fireworks every Friday night for the end of war celebrations, the tree walk along the riverbank. The smell of the leaves composting in the big bins near the gardeners lodge, the swings ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea by John Godbold

Do You Remember The Southern Dining Rooms'

I lived in Battersea from about 1939 to 1949 when we moved to Hornsey in North London. We lived with my grandparents who owned the Southern Dining Rooms, a transport café opposite the marshalling yards, just at the end of the Dogs Home bridge. My grandmother's cooking was renowned up and down ...Read full memory

Battersea Park

I remember going to Battersea park on Sundays and going in the paddling pool by the jungle. We used to make a day of it having a picnic there. Mum used to get us to save a place by the tennis court so we could hang our costumes up to dry, there was six of us kids. I used to go in the Jungle and be in there all day. The best ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea by Susan Butler

Battersea Girl

I lived in Birley street with my parents and brother Colin. I have very happy memories of shaftesbury park school and later on Clapham county grammar school. Many days were spent on Clapham Common and at battersea park, where the funfair used to be. I can remember going to Clapham Junction either to the cinema or for a wimpy or ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea

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