Old Maps of Battersea

Historic Maps of Battersea and the local area.

I was born in the flats at Stewarts Lane by the dogs' home in 1950. My mum was born in Tidemore Street and my grandad in Curry Street, Nine Elms in 1897. My dad was born in Livingstone Road, the other end of Battersea, and also lived in Maysoule Road. My mum and dad met whilst queing outside the Granada in 1945. (...Read full memory)

Lived on the Patmore Estate on Stewarts Road. Also a Grenadier on the Wandsworth Road and live on the pie and mash from Harringtons. Went to William Blake School with Jack Jones as a form master ( what a nice man ) . To avoid the French lessons I used to take the school monies upto the bank in Lavender Hill for Old (...Read full memory)