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I knew all the best sweet shops on Lavendar Hill Rd. Easily the best was Browns Sweet shop where Stormont Rd met Lavendar Hill. It had every sweet you could think of and seemed to be open 7 days a week until 9pm. I think the owner Brown's wife with another woman took it in turns to run the shifts so they could stay open. He was as regular as clockwork, they never ever closed right during the war, and outbreaks of ...see more
My granddad was a master baker in the shop on the corner of Northcote Road and Mallinson Road (1930's). There used to be an old advertisement painted high up on the side wall. I would love to know the name of the bakery if anyone remembers. I think there is a Gail's Bakery on this site now.
The pub over the road did a singalong every Saturday night ending in a very long finale of "Hit the Road Jack - Don't you come back no more, no more ,no more, no more", and so on. I don't know about the pub but I doubt if anybody actually misses the buildings. It was a slum.There was the stink from the neighbouring factory too but that was only on an occasional day, not often, but when it was there it was nauseating. ...see more
Childhood until age 6 - I remember so clearly our walks via Latchmere Passage to the Park and all the sights and fun of the Tree Walk, Fountains, Guinness Clock, the Grotto. I remember my dad taking me to the swings on a Sunday morning and there being an open air theatre? Walked to Christchurch Primary school, Aunt lived in Shillington St. Another aunt married at Christchurch and St Stephen and I was ...see more
I have so many memories of my childhood in Battersea and Wandsworth. In fact, I have recently begun writing my autobiography which will detail many of my memories from those early years. I have lived in Southern Spain for fifteen years now and would love to hear from anyone that might share memories with me. Although I think my memory is quite good, I would appreciate any help in filling ...see more
Lived in Battersea from 1949 to 1969, Boutflower Lane, Holgate Avenue, Mayford Close. Went to Falconbrook School and Balham Central. Many happy memories of friends and places all over Battersea despite the sometimes gloomy areas and the bomb sites. Open to contact if you wish to reminise.
Hello, I spent my early childhood in Barmore Street, which holds special memories. I do have an old photo showing a Street Party, which I will endeavour to upload (not sure how yet). The Queens Head Pub was on the corner of our street, as yet have not seen any photos showing the Pub. "Cabins" the sweet shop was just around the corner on York Road. Bathrooms??? We had a weekly bath at the ...see more
Hi does anyone here know whether The Imperial Laundry was near to Stanmer Road in Battersea in the 1960's Thank you for your time dottie
I was born in Seldon House , my grans flat in 1947. (My father was born in Sheepcote Lane and my mum in Southolme Street.) From there we moved to Burke House in Maysoule Road then onto Stroudley House on the Patmore Estate. I went to Larkhall Lane primary school then on to Priory Grove Secondary school for girls. I used to tap dance at the Doramy Vernon school in Friendship House on Wandsworth Road, she also held ...see more
My mother lived as a young girl with my grandparents at 34 grant road in the 1930s I believe it was a sweet shop at that time. On google maps it looks as though that number no longer exists such a shame.