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Memories of Bletchingley

My Father Leslie George Walter Eaton

I think my father worked at the Newsagents before he was married. The name of the person he worked for was Edwards; not sure if that was first name or Surname. I was born in Redhill Feb 13 1944.

A memory of Bletchingley


I grew up in Bletchingley and have just been looking at the photos of the village which provoked a lot of lovely memories I would like to see a photo of the post office during the 70's,which when i left the village in the late 80's was Lawrences auctioneers,can any one help.I remember going in the post office as a child and ...Read full memory

The Cottage Of Content

I have never lived in Bletchingley, but my paternal grandfather, Alfred David Balcombe, was born and raised in the village. My great grandfather was a publican - at The Cottage of Content - but had died when my father was a young boy. My great aunt and uncle remained unmarried and continued to live in the ...Read full memory

Place Farm

I was born in Redhill at Earls Wood Hospital in February 1944. I lived at Place Farm until 1955. I remember all the celebrations for the coronation of Elizabeth 2nd as we watch a black and white TV. The entire village celebrated with street parties and dancing. I have very fond memories of my childhood there.

A memory of Bletchingley by Carol Hall

My Time In Godstone

I was baptised at St Nicholas church, we were then living at the Homestead vicarage. After a short time living in Sussex we moved back and lived in 13 Salisbury Road. I went to the school riding on my bike. We played by the bay pond, and used to slide up and down at the sand pits. I love the walks by the church and ...Read full memory

Castle Hill House

This is Castle Hill House bought that year by Augustus Brandt of William Brandt's and Sons bank, my Great Grandfather. Mostly now demolished, and the rest converted into flats.

Childhood Memories At Tilburstow Farm

I lived at Tilburstow Farm through the 1950s, my dad was head herdsman on the the farm. My name back then was Margaret Robb, I have so many memorie,s of that beautifull place, the bluebell woods, primroses, walking for miles with my friends, we walked miles to school every day, first the school in ...Read full memory

Selmes Butchers

My father Francis Coppard worked here as long as I can remember until his death in 1957, he delivered the meat as well as slaughtering the cattle. I always remember his job on Saturday morning was to make sausages for the owners and staff and Saturday night supper was these fantastic tasting sausages, they do not taste like that today.

Bletchingley Pimary School

I was one of the last pupils that attended the school, before they made St. Catherines the new primary school. It was such an amazing school to go to. When you first went to school you were kept apart in the 1st class and had our meals and toilets completely separate from the main school. When you moved up to ...Read full memory

Small Boy On Donkey

The small boy on the donkey is my father, Arthur Wallis, born 1904 in Bletchingley. The man standing to the right is my grandfather, Arthur Wallis senior, born 1862 in Bletchingley. Arthur Wallis senior was the licensee of the Red Lion Inn and later the proprietor of the newsagents in the background. The Wallis ...Read full memory

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