Memories of Bracknell

Bracknell Cattle Market At The Cross Road

The Old manor had a legend that highwayman Dick Turpin made an escape by taking the cellar tunnel under Church Road to the Hind's Head (the white building). At Sandy Lane Infants School, my friend Andrew Balfour lived in the Old Manor. He showed me the secret tunnel. Its reputation was more ...Read full memory

A memory of Bracknell by Keith Bennett

Fond Memories

My family moved to Bracknell in 1961 from Lancashire. I can remember some of the shops in Crossway. At the top end by the High Street was a toyshop, next door was a gents clothes shop nearly opposite that was Miller Morris and Brooker a hardware shop and them the coffee bar, the other shops I cant recall. We used to go to ...Read full memory

A memory of Bracknell by risingsun456

Newspapers And Sore Legs

From the newsagents (I believe the name was Crisps, maybe) I delivered morning newspapers on my little scooter - ha!ha! And I saved enough money to buy my first bike at 11. Needed it to get to secondary school.

A memory of Bracknell by Keith Gillman

In The Choir

Chour Master was a Mr Faulkner, he had a great influence on me during my time in the church choir. He had a Morris Minor FRX83, green, I have never forgotten it. He used to pick me up for practice every week, and insisted that our cassock/surplice was always smart. To the right of the gates was where all new members got ...Read full memory

A memory of Bracknell by Colin Lennox

My Childhood Of Old Bracknell Farm

Hi Peter, I remember the Thompkins was it the baker or was that the Cheneys? Joe Smith was the newsagent who used to treat the kids to a summer outing by train every summer. We used to get a new florin and a bag of goodies and had a great day out in Bognor. We lived in Old Bracknell Farm, my mum and dad ...Read full memory

Priestwood Square

The newsagent was called l.B.Corne and Mr Corne doubled as Father Christmas at Meadowvale School when I was a youngster. His relatives also managed the post office based in the shop. My late mother attended the opening of the shop in the '50's and came back with balloons and paper hats for me and my brothers. A lovely ...Read full memory

Church Road

I remember Church Road for the wonderful Holy Trinity Church (still there and a poignant link with old Bracknell). It also housed the old council offices where we paid our rates when we first moved to Bracknell from South London in 1954 and, I believe, a community hall where I once learned the rudiments of first aid with the ...Read full memory

The Catholic Church

I remember when they disinterred all the graves prior to demolishing the church- they hung canvas screens in front of the railings and it really spooked me to think of all those bones being dug up ! Allistair Beckett

A memory of Bracknell

The Crossway

I remember our lovely old co-op with it's bank, cafe and range of good quality food and other goods. Kiddies Corner was a magical shop for youngsters to indulge their pocket money - I used to buy toy soldiers and model aircraft kits with mine! Another favourite was Hollingsworth's in the old High Street with the café at the back and some wonderful books for sale.


I remember Ann Andrew's dress shop.

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