Memories of Bracknell

Church Road

One of the old houses - 'Gainsborough' was used as a doctors surgery in early 60's . the name lives on today with the Gainsborough doctors practice in Whitegrove Copse! Down a short lane off Church Road ( over the left shoulder of the photographer) was a very dusty Scout/ Cubs hut used by 1st Bracknell - I used to come home ...Read full memory

A memory of Bracknell

More About Bracknell

Hi Susan , I always thought that Joe Smith was the bookie that done the train trip to the sea side each year , got a packed lunch , and a coin as you said , My wife worked at Thompkins the Bakery , there sun Dave , married Jenny Plumber , they had one other son , Fish and chip shop in Station Road you went up some stairs ...Read full memory

A memory of Bracknell by Colin Lennox

Milk, Eggs And ........

Many times I rode my scooter (didn't have a bike!) down Moordale Avenue, thru the park, up the hill to the shops. Sometimes having to buy for my mum such things as; milk, eggs and sanitary napkins! Good memories, thanks!

A memory of Bracknell by Keith Gillman

Long Ago In A World Far Away.......

From 1953-1964 I lived on Wilwood Road and remember this scene very well! Puts a smile on my face.

A memory of Bracknell by Keith Gillman


Did anyone work at Dresser Ltd in western road. I moved down from london in 1969 and had a house in Great Hollands. I think that we were the only people there at that time. House was enormous, too big for us really. I am in Spain now but still remember those times.

A memory of Bracknell by Barry Draper


I moved to Lindenhill Road back in 1954 from South London. I have many fond memories of growing up there and attending Meadowvale Primary School before going to Ranelagh Grammar School. I remember the shops at Priestwood Square, the Admiral Cunningham, the Doctor's office (Faunch and Lask) and the Dentist (Bond).

A memory of Bracknell by Melvyn Ball

Priestwood Avenue

I have lived in Lindenhill Road, Priestwood since March 1954, when my parents moved from Southwark, South London. My dad helped build the new town - initially by travelling down from London on the 'milk train' with his brother and brother in law, and then securing a Bracknell Development Corporation house. He worked on ...Read full memory

My Childhood Of Old Bracknell Farm

Hi Peter, I remember the Thompkins was it the baker or was that the Cheneys? Joe Smith was the newsagent who used to treat the kids to a summer outing by train every summer. We used to get a new florin and a bag of goodies and had a great day out in Bognor. We lived in Old Bracknell Farm, my mum and dad ...Read full memory

Priestwood Square

The newsagent was called l.B.Corne and Mr Corne doubled as Father Christmas at Meadowvale School when I was a youngster. His relatives also managed the post office based in the shop. My late mother attended the opening of the shop in the '50's and came back with balloons and paper hats for me and my brothers. A lovely ...Read full memory

Church Road

I remember Church Road for the wonderful Holy Trinity Church (still there and a poignant link with old Bracknell). It also housed the old council offices where we paid our rates when we first moved to Bracknell from South London in 1954 and, I believe, a community hall where I once learned the rudiments of first aid with the ...Read full memory

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