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Memories of Bury

Love In Service

My great grandparents met whilst working at Walshaw Hall. Margaret Eve was Welsh and had worked in a big house on Washway Road in Sale before coming to Walshaw Hall around 1911. There she became housekeeper and met Henry Hillier who was coachman. They got married in Wrexham in 1912.

A memory of Bury by Steph Bradley

After School Job,

I used to work on the market on Saturday morning when I was not playing football for the school team (St Gabriels. I used to go around the stalls with jugs of tea and sandwiches for the stallholders. I remember the black pudding man was a great tipper, he always said thanks and gave me a tanner (sixpence) and it was well ...Read full memory

A memory of Bury by Tom Holmes

A Focal Point

Kay Gardens was the terminus for all bus services from surrounding districts and towns. On this photograph, the large building at the back of the picture was the Co-op, which was at that time a department store, but also housed a restaurant on the first floor, widely used by office workers at lunch times, and of course for funeral ...Read full memory

A memory of Bury by Janet Robinson

Walshaw Chippy

We used to own Walshaw chippy, it was a garage made of asbestos. I had loads of friends who used to turn up hungry, Fri and Sat night after the pubs shut. My dad used to have a back room full of people eating fish and playing cards. (I even called my dog Chippy as it was chip coloured.) He used to pile food on to families who ...Read full memory

A memory of Bury by Peter Buckby

I960s Mods And Northern Soul In Crowd In Bury

In the late 1960's I was a schoolgirl at the Derby School. When I began to be independent and join a tribe I chose the Northern Soul gang and sometimes I used to go to All Nighters, with my boyfriend and friends at the Twisted Wheel in Manchester. We took the last train from Bury to Victoria Station ...Read full memory

A memory of Bury

Is This The School I Attended In 1944 45?

During World War Two I was evacuated from London to various locations three times, the last of these was Bury, in Lancashire. My older brother and I stayed with two families sharing a house at 16 Swallow Drive in what was referred to as 'the Dickie Bird Estate.' All the street names were named after ...Read full memory

A memory of Bury by Tom Ware

Bury Cemetery

My grandfather, Peter Heywood was head gardener and sexton at the cemetery till his later retirement. If anybody knows of any of the men there during the 50s' onwards, please let me know. He lived at Springwater Cottage in the valley below Lily Hill Street.

A memory of Bury by Jane Heywood

Stan Mc Manus

Can anyone recall the footballer named Stan McManus who use to play for Bury F.C? And Alvin Williams, he also played for Bury in the late 1950s?

A memory of Bury by Keith Lever

Education And Health

By the 1940s the Grammar School had been rebuilt in Tenterden Street. The building in the photograph became The Wylde Clinic which was the centre for mothers and babies and of course housed the 'dreaded' school dentist. My younger brother went to the Wylde Clinic for 'sunray treatment' where all the children had to wear ...Read full memory

A memory of Bury by Janet Robinson

The Best Market In Lancashire

Bury market was famous and its modern version, though not as interesting, still is. We used to go to the market and buy one of Thompson's black puddings, piping hot in a grease-proof paper, The man would split it and put plenty of mustard on. There was the roast potato man, vegetable stalls, fish stalls and the ...Read full memory

A memory of Bury by Janet Robinson

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