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Memories of Bushey

Graduated Iuhs! What Wonderful Memories Of Great People!

IUHS was a great place to go to High School.

A memory of Bushey

Windmill Lane 1950s

As an infant and small child I lived in Windmill Lane, Bushey in the 1950s. I recall every time my parents drove past the Masonic Senior Boys School looking at it and being totally fascinated by its incredible buildings and thinking how great it would be to actually see inside. I never got the opportunity unfortunately and ...Read full memory

A memory of Bushey by Alfieri Arezzo

Memory For Bushey

I was born in Watford but lived in Bushey from 1964 to 1984 (I now live in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland). I went to Bushey Meads school from 1966 to 1973, and have fond memories of a rural village on the edge of London. As a boy I recall getting my hair cut in Glencoe Road where the barber also repaired TVs. In later years I ...Read full memory

A memory of Bushey by Trevor Lawrence

Watford 1939 1945

1942 was the year I left School after 4 years at Alexandra Road School, but I started work after school long before that. I had a paper round on the Cassiobury Estate when I was 11, then delivered groceries for Tesco's and later repaired cycles at Halfords. Then when I was almost 14 I joined the Army Cadets, which started ...Read full memory

A memory of Bushey by Ken Field

A. T. Roberts, Mechanical Engineering

I was astonished to see today in Google (Streetview) the name 'A.T. Roberts' on the fascia of a company building close to Bushey Station. I was a 16-year-old apprentice there in 1941, with Mr A T Roberts as my boss and teacher. At that time the building was simply three (it might have been two) small ...Read full memory

A memory of Bushey

Amazing Memories

I attended this beloved school from Sept.1979-May 1980. It was called International University High School or I.U.H.S school. It was a co-ed back then. I was 15-year-old Canadian boy and was dropped off there by my father. Great memories of the grounds, sunny, foggy, and at night. The girls never walked the grounds or into ...Read full memory

A memory of Bushey by Gregory Draper

1984 1986

I attended the high school and college. Very fond memories of the campus and all the people I got to know. Sorry to hear it closed down.

A memory of Bushey

Bushey Meads School

I live in Bushey now and go to Bushey Meads School, it's a great school and the food is great, so choose that school, it's great and they give us normal homework and the work is not too hard, it's actually easy....

A memory of Bushey


I went there briefly. I have fond memories of the The Red Lion Pub and exploring the underground tunnels, that were boarded up. The fog every morning helped me to sneak back in when I had stayed the night out. I attended the American high school. Paul

International University High School

Would love to hear from anyone who attended IUHS in 1978-79. I taught Social Studies in the 8th grade. Mr. Tronguard was the headmaster for the first half year. I was there with my family and all of you students were so kind to my young son, who was only 2 years old. Do you remember John Devine, he was a ...Read full memory

A memory of Bushey by Bob De Coteau

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