Memories of Runcorn

The Opening Of The Bridge Memories...

My memories of the Bridge are of when I used to travel from where my family lived in Weston Village into Runcorn (circa 1956) to do our shopping and watch the construction taking place, increasing in size each time we saw it - usually on a Saturday morning when we went into town to do the weekly shop in the ...Read full memory

A memory of Runcorn by David Roberts

Building The Bridge

I was sat in my classroom at the parish school in church street and I had just put away my plastic counters after a hard maths lesson ,I was only 5 ( and 1+1 was very hard)my teachers name was mrs oats she was lovely and as I sat gazing out of the window I noticed this huge construction being built in the distance ,I asked ...Read full memory

A memory of Runcorn by Carol Cooke

Weston Road Memories

I also remember Weston Road, that is the road leading from Weston Village down into Runcorn, via the Isolation Hospital and then down into Greenway Road. My father Owen Roberts worked all his life at the ICI Castner Kelner works, "Castners" as it was known and he also had a part time job as a gardener at the big house ...Read full memory

A memory of Runcorn by David Roberts

Charlie The Drake...

How we looked forward to a walk to the Town Hall park to feed the ducks, there was one really old and bedraggled one called "charlie the drake"?? or so my nan said!! Once in the Town Hall grounds, we were allowed to run ahead along the roadway in the picture to reach the water fountain, stopping off and getting in line ...Read full memory

A memory of Runcorn

Weston Point I.C.I Recreation Club And Runcorn Town

Memory, Saturday Night Old Time dance upstairs in theI.C.I Club. My father played there on the drums. I was there with a girlfriend and her mother and father and grandmother, the old lady taught me a lot of the old time dances and the dance was led by the organizers, we could always follow ...Read full memory

A memory of Runcorn by Robert Welding

Delivering Our Daily Bread

The picture shown is of Russell Road which runs left to right centre of the picture. Every day except Sunday during the early 1960s I used to deliver bread all around Weston Point and remember well reversing my Co-op van up all the avenues off Russell Road. I may be wrong but the avenue in the lower right hand ...Read full memory

A memory of Runcorn by Brian Balfe

Frothy Coffee

I lived in Runcorn until I was 8 (1960s) and I remember going into town on the bus with my mother. We would always stop at "Le Rendezvous" (which as a child I remember thinking was a very strange word) and she would get a "frothy coffee" (we didn't call it cappuccino back then). It was served in a pyrex cup and saucer. I would ...Read full memory

A memory of Runcorn by sc_taylor

Rose Street

I was brought up in Rose Street - I was born in 1969. I used to drink in the Queens. Walk down Rose Street now, hardly know anyone. I moved from Widnes in 2000 to Southport.

A memory of Runcorn by Paul Arrowsmith

Oh Happy Days

Yes I remember spending most of our (my brother John and I) summer holidays playing on Runcorn Hills. Both parents worked and so most mornings, weather permitting, we would head off to the hills from our home in Weston Village, armed with a bottle of water and usually a jam butty and an apple. We would spend the day there, ...Read full memory

A memory of Runcorn by David Roberts

Parish School Sports Day

when I was 9yrs old my 1st memories of top locks were very frightening. We had our sports days on the fields in picow farm road which are still there today, but with the parish school being in Church street we had to walk up ashridge street and along top locks and walk across the very narrow lock gates to the other ...Read full memory

A memory of Runcorn by Carol Cooke

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