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Memories of Welwyn Garden City

Millie Millington

Wonderful teachers, Mr Croydon French Latin some sports. Mr Chester Woodwork Gym and cricket. Millicent Millington Mathematics. Mr Webb History and Geography. Mr Davy Sciences. The grounds were very woody and the air raid shelters great for running about on. The canteen served delicious cocoa in blue squashy ...Read full memory

Memories Of Stone Hills.

This picture was taken from the corner of the Co-operative shop and features the Cherry Tree public house before it was turned into Waitrose. In about 1965, my friend’s mother remarried and my family was invited to the reception in the restaurant there. The single storey building nearest the Cherry Tree was ...Read full memory

Happy Days

I attended this school with my friends Alan Foster and John Diamond. Mr Thomas was the English language master, my worst subject. I loved the playing field at the back of the school and beyond was the Dragon Tree which we all loved to climb, our imaginations ablaze with scary adventures after being told of St George and ...Read full memory

Cherry Blossom Time

In the early spring, arriving early for school at Sherrards Wood, I took a look at the most incredible sight you could imagine, Cherry Blossoms filled my sight all along Pentley Park. It made my heart jump with joy to see the richness and beauty.

Ryelands And Heronswood Secondary Modern

I remember coming to Ryelands in about 1955 or 6.It was a paradise for kids as only about half of was built and still some unfinished houses on Howlands.I knew Philip Young.and John Spong of Howlands,Illana and Philip Bouscilla,Caren White(first girlfriend),and several others.As far as I ...Read full memory

Stonehills 1958.

I lived next door to the police station which is just to the left of this photo from 1952 until 1959 when my father (the local police station sergeant) retired. This photo is very evocative of memories I had as a young child living in the town centre. I well remember the buildings opposite my home including Munts ...Read full memory

Welwyn Garden City, Sweet Briar

This view is from the west side of Sweet Briar looking south down the hill towards Cole Green Lane (out of view). To the left is the entrance to Heronswood School (since closed, now a modern housing area). I understood that the area was once very wooded, borne out by the many well established trees ...Read full memory

Wh Smiths And Welwyn Department Stores

My father managed WH Smiths in Howardsgate before the war. He later returned to WGC to manage the Books and Stationary Departments at Welwyn Stores between 1956 and 1979 when he retired. He will be celebrating his 100th birthday on Monday!

Sherrardswood School In The Late 50s

Hello, I was a pupil at Sherrardswood from 1957 to 1959. Unfortunately, my presence at the school was no longer required when I was caught visiting the girls dormitory at night. I have since reformed (?) and am happily married, living in California. Also I changed my last name for certain ...Read full memory

Frozen Fountain

My mum has a photo taken c1958 when the fountain froze over...its a beautiful picture that has been up on the wall of our family home for as long as I can remember. My memory of the fountain is from the late 70's when I 'borrowed' my older sisters wooden and cork wedge shoes and put one in the water to see if it ...Read full memory

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