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Memories of Bisley

Robert Baker

Would anyone have any memory of my Dad being at Bisley Boys school , not sure quite when but think it would be sometime between 1914 1925. Or if any one has any photos of that time. Would dearly love to hear from you. Dads name was Robert Frederick Baker and came from Heybridge Christina

As A Boy

I went to Bisley Boys School in 1948 after my mother passed away. I found it very hard and would run away. It was a horrible place and I do not have a good thing to say about it. Was given the cane more times than I can remember and was bullied all the time. If they did the things to any one today they would end up in court.

A memory of Bisley by Richard Rowe

Postcard From My Grandfather

My grandfather died in 1928 after having been gassed in WW1. I have a postcard from him to my uncle dated March 1928. The house looks somewhat different from the photo here but I have no idea when the photo printed was taken.

A memory of Bisley by Patricia Rose

Attended Bisley Junior School In 1950's

I was an orphan back in 1952 and spent a few years in the Junior House, Trojans, I think my number was 37 under a supposed name of O'collins. I was called apostrophe O and carved my name in the sandstone window ledge near the school bell corner in the playground, which was surrounded by a brick wall. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Bisley

House Name Change From Crusaders To Williams

I was at Bisley from autumn of 1955 at age 13 & left in the summer of 1958 My House No. was 262. A few mates whose names I remember 'Ned' Kelly, John Clark (from Southend) 'Granny' Green, Roy Potts & Angus (from Brighton). Plus an old 'Bisley' boy, known as Pot Farrow (stuck in my memory) as ...Read full memory

A memory of Bisley by Mike Graves

The Lodge

Well, I don't remember then, but my father was born in the gatehouse or lodge in 1901. Does anyone have a photo of the lodge? Do they remember it or was it demolished before the 1940s/'50s?

I Was At Bisley Boys School With My Brother John, From 1954 1959

I was mad about photography and would go all over Bisley with my camera. I would concentrate on the wildlife, esp. on the village pond where my brother and I would look for various types of pond life. In those days we would often not see a single person, and cars were so rare ...Read full memory

A memory of Bisley by Brian Frankling

The Fun I Had And Remember Barry Evans Well

My mam and dad split up and I was sent to Bisley. At first I was hard to get used to but I made a lot of friends. My first house was Trojans then went up to Ironsides. Barry Evans told us stories that he made up after lights out and took Billy Bunter off to a t. Mr Burrage was in charge and the ...Read full memory

A memory of Bisley by Fred Heyburn

My Time At Bisley

I went to Bisley boys school from 1947/1953 I was in the school band played cricket and was in the boxing team Harry Moult was the trainer,we boxed against other schools,such as the Gordon boys and Wellington college.i also played in the school band on the trumpet our greatest day was when we played at the Royal Tournament I ...Read full memory

A memory of Bisley by James Duckworth

The Ranges

My friend Lindsay Stagg lived opposite the ranges & I spent many happy hours with her on the commons near by. Wonder where she is now. And Anne (Bones) Johnson lived in Port Lane.

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