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Memories of Blaenllechau

Sunny Blaenllechau

born in sunny blaen in 1954 growing up in the village was and always will be the highlight of my childhood so many good people i remember playing in the Glyn with Kevin hughes slapperers around blaen sports day up in the field by the two walls going up to sids farm for sacks for the sack race sports day on blaen ...Read full memory

Blaenllechau My Childhood Home

Brought up in Blaenllechau, immediately after the WWII, life was not as complicated as it is today. Our playground included all the mountain behind us, Llanwonno, the woods and even the park. I delivered papers around the village, and the majority of houses did not have locks on, it was open the door, ...Read full memory


I am a Blaen boy, born in 7, Wind Street, just came across this site. I remember some of the names mentioned. I was born in 1946, my mother was Cath Drumm (nee Walters), my father was Sean Drumm from Tullamore, Ireland (ex R.A.F. where he met my mother during WWII, he flew on Lancaster bombers). Lived for a few years at 26, ...Read full memory


Hi I just came upon this website completely by accident. My Mum was Judith Hatton, sister of Graham, and Tont Wills was their adoptive brother although he was a cousin. I used to stay in Blaenllechau with my gran when I was a child, my brother and myself loved it there. Now I'm almost 50 I am doing a history degree and we ...Read full memory

A memory of Blaenllechau


My great uncle was Mayor of the Rhondda, he lived in Commercial Street, his name was Evan Edwards, he was married to my grandfather's sister, they have a son who now lives in Ferndale.

A memory of Blaenllechau


My grandparents Jim and May Condon lived at 1 Glynn View, Blaenllechau. My father was in the Air Force so I didn't spend that much time in Blaen, but when I did I loved the place. Thirty eight years ago I moved to Australia to live, and 3 years ago I went back for the first time. Things had not changed that much, only now ...Read full memory

Great Grandfather

Born and bred in Ferndale, a stone's throw from Blaenllechau, I am researching my family tree. One of my earliest memories is of my grandmother talking about her father - William Williams (1870 - 1957). He was a coal miner originally, but I've heard stories of him having a milk round and driving his horse and cart ...Read full memory

I Was Born In Blaenllechau

I was born in 54 Mountain Row to Richard and Mary Jane Tustin. I remember Blaenllechau as one huge playground and when someone asked you where you lived, you always said "up the Top" it was a magic place where the sun never seemed to go down and when it did then you knew it was time for bed. People seemed to ...Read full memory


my childhood growing up in blaenllechau was one big adventure,we had so much fun as youngsters spending most of our times on the mountains and surrounding woodlands i,e, box canyon,mothers nature the quarries or up the best kept park in the rhondda thanks to tom roberts and trever,it was such a close nit community everybody looked ...Read full memory

New Years Eve And Blaen Infants School

Born and bred in Princess Street, Blaen, stayed until the family moved to Maerdy and from there I went to East Glamorgan Hospital to train as a nurse. Now in Bangkok working as a consultant to a large general hospital, haven’t been back to Blaen for about 20 years or more but must get there next ...Read full memory

A memory of Blaenllechau by John Howe

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