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Historic Maps of Blaenllechau and the local area.

Brought up in Blaenllechau, immediately after the WWII, life was not as complicated as it is today. Our playground included all the mountain behind us, Llanwonno, the woods and even the park. I delivered papers around the village, and the majority of houses did not have locks on, it was open the door, (...Read full memory)

I am a Blaen boy, born in 7, Wind Street, just came across this site. I remember some of the names mentioned. I was born in 1946, my mother was Cath Drumm (nee Walters), my father was Sean Drumm from Tullamore, Ireland (ex R.A.F. where he met my mother during WWII, he flew on Lancaster bombers). Lived for a few years at 26, (...Read full memory)