Memories of Salford

My Salford Days From 1953

I have very fond memories of Salford. I first lived in Franklin St, Ordsall, until I was about 4 or 5 years old. I recall the pub on the corner and the church at the other end. I lived on the landings facing the ...Read full memory

Regent Road

I grew up just off Regent Road and Oldfield Road in the Langdale House flats. We lived in D17 and had many memorable neighbours who we shared many happy times with. I remember the Bergens ice cream cart that was pulled by a white ...Read full memory

Langdale House Salford

I lived in Langdale House, Salford. It was a block of masonettes, there were two other blocks on the same road, Patterdale and Ennerdale. We lived on the 3rd floor, overlooking a small play park and a row of tiny one ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Ann Mc Kibbin

Ice Cream

Reading your comments about Salford Gone and the ice cream man brought back similar memories to me. I was born at 34 Nora Street, Salford 7 in 1950. Albeit Lower Broughton. However, we used to have an Ice Cream seller who came EVERY ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Stephen Winder

Lower Broughton

Born and bred in Lower Broughton, Plymouth Street, went to Greican Street School then Broughton Modern. I remember all the old shops on Lower Broughton Road, I was born next to Guy's news agent. The place was great then, I am ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Rod Jones

Good Old Days In Salford

I was born in Salford, one of six children to Edith Casey and Ken Casey, their other children consisted of Linda, Alan, Barry, Ken, Paul and of course myself. We lived at number 50 Bury Street which was off Ellor ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Nigel Yates

The Piazza Regent Road

Hi everybody, I remember the Piazza shopping complex as my dad owned the butchers shop on there, Harry Hargreaves. We had some great times working there and I have great memories of the good people that lived in the ...Read full memory

Salford In The War

As a child I lived in Earl St Hanky Park then moved to Cottrill St off Ellor St.   I attended John St school in the Ellor St area. I never really knew my dad.  He went in the army when I was 4 years old in 1939 ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Albert Morris

Salford Childhood

I was born in and grew up in Salford. My dad had a pub "The Farriers Arms" off Bury Street, and before that my dad was caretaker of Ladywell flats. We lived in Flint House, the blocks were alphabetically named, Albion, Barry, ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Moira Edge

Clarendon Secondary Modern School Memories 1964 1969

I also remember Fred Faulkner teaching me English and Geography in the 1964 to 1968 period. Bob Coyle was headmaster and Burke was his deputy. Williams 'bone' was my first form teacher and ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by gasmaskgrimshaw

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