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Aberaeron is almost in the middle of the 60-mile coastline of Ceredigion. It is now home of the main county offices, replacing the ancient capital, Cardigan, and the more recent administrative centre, Aberystwyth. The very top of the Town Hall that used to house the Council Chamber is visible on the right.

Memories of Aberaeron, Market Street c1965

I remember going to Aberaeron as a young boy to the Aeron coast campsite c1965, with our caravan my father made.....Have such great memories being there.... came back a couple years ago for a holiday and  been coming back ever since!. Would be nice if anyone had any photos of the campsite around the time I was there.

The Bedford van belonged to the Bowens who had a bakery right by where the van is parked, my brother, grandfather, uncle, and cousins worked there at different times over the years, my mother had a small discount on the bread bought.

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