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Aberaeron is almost in the middle of the 60-mile coastline of Ceredigion. In 1800, Aberaeron was little more than a farm and inn by the main coast road where a bridge crossed the Aeron. Local gentry applied for an Act of Parliament to allow them to build a new town and to develop the harbour, and work began in 1807, when the grid of broad, airy streets was laid out. In the 19th century, boats bringing day visitors sailed regularly into the town harbour.

Other Memories from Aberaeron

I remember going to Aberaeron as a young boy to the Aeron coast campsite c1965, with our caravan my father made.....Have such great memories being there.... came back a couple years ago for a holiday and  been coming back ever since!. Would be nice if anyone had any photos of the campsite around the time I was there.

The shop on the corner here, was an electrical shop owned by Dyson Jones, and he used to allow some of us boys to sit in his shop to watch B/W t.v. in his shop, it was great for us whose parents could not afford such things in the 50s.

The Bedford van belonged to the Bowens who had a bakery right by where the van is parked, my brother, grandfather, uncle, and cousins worked there at different times over the years, my mother had a small discount on the bread bought.

The lady waiting for the bus is my mother, Rona Jones nee Jones, my gran lived in Alma, Tabernacle Street, which was a Chapel house, my Nan and Dadcu had to take care of the Chapel across the road, and in those days had to feed and provide an overnight stay for visiting preachers. As a boy I had to go a hundred yards down the road, I had to take a bucket and fill it with water from a stand pipe near a garage, I had to fill ...see more

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