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Caption for Aberdeen, Brig O' Balgownie c1890: Aberdeen is now Scotland's third largest city. Its charters date back to the 1100s, although St Machar is said to have founded a church here in AD 580. This single-arched stone bridge is situated a few hundred yards to the north of St Machar's Cathedral, and crosses a gorge of the River Don. It is one of the most ancient bridges in Britain, and was constructed around 1290. The salmon pool underneath is alluded to by Byron in his poem 'Don Juan'. In the early 1600s Sir Alexander Hay left a legacy for repairing the bridge.

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July early 60's you could not move on the beach for holidaymakers, all the deck chairs would be sold out and Bill & Pat Ramsay would be playing music over the speakers. The Spartan club - weight lifters would be there - Dave Webster rings a bell, Nurse Johnston would be in the first aid/ lost childrens shelter. The (...Read full memory)

My father-in-law was living with his aunt Elsie Jenkins at 17 North Square during the Second World War years. He was in the Navy at the time so he was not a permanent resident for that period. But as a boy he and his brothers spent a lot of time with his mother's sister (Elsie), playing and going to the Mission in the (...Read full memory)

In 1997 I decided to trace my maternal family history through following the name of Jaffray, a name that had been carried down the family through the centuries, finally as a middle name. To my astonishment I discovered a family history that led me to the Jaffrays of Kingwells, and onto a great deal of fascinating (...Read full memory)

My Morgan ancestors seemed to have originated from Old Machar which was, I believe, part of Old Aberdeen? Does this still exist now? Can anyone tell me please whether when there is a marriage does the woman keep the family name of her father's side?

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