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Britain's Coasts

Gorgeous archive photos of Britain's coastal towns & villages.

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Caption for Aberdovey, The Front 1895: This small seaside town on the west coast overlooks the wide sandy expanse of the Dyfi estuary. It is sheltered from the north wind by hills rising to the sombre Welsh mountains south of Cadair Idris. Today it is popular for watersports, but formerly it was an important sea port. The coastal trade was very important to Aberdyfi during the 19th century; earlier, smuggling had been rife. This picture of the front shows a cargo vessel and numerous small fishing boats beached opposite the church.

Memories of Aberdyfi

My brothers and I would cycle from Borth to Ynyslas sand dunes from where we could see the village of Aber Dovey nestled on the other side of the estuary. We were told that on a clear day if you listened carefully you would hear church bells ringing beneath the waves. Due to the fast moving tidal flow around the (...Read full memory)

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