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Around Alton Photographic Memories

Around Alton Photographic Memories

The photo 'Abergavenny, Cross Street 1898' appears in this book.

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Postcards can still be seen two doors up from the Angel Hotel, but the store was now owned by C J Fricker. Behind the post office lamp on the right the tall new Lloyds Bank building has altered the roof line. Outside the second store from the right, the Fancy Repository of C H Beddoe, there is a display of baskets.

An extract from Around Alton Photographic Memories.

Memories of Abergavenny, Cross Street 1898

Interesting to read about William Williams who was Mayor three times, lately in 1908. My great grandfather Samuel Deverall was Mayor in 1907 and owned a greengrocery in 44 Cross Street. He was married to Georgina and had two sons, Edmund and Albert. Sadly he was found hanged in 1910 at a farm in Pontypool. I have been told it wasn't suicide but don't really know.

I think this a picture of Abergavenny Town Hall, but am not sure. When we were staying in Abergavenny we lived outside, in Albany Road, on the way to the Rholben and the Deri, which we often climbed and as we didn't go into the town awfully much, only when my mother needed something, I have only vague memories of it. My great-grandfather Williams was Mayor of Abergavenny in 1905, and he wrote an autograph in my ...see more

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