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Historic Maps of Abertysswg and the local area.

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Well, it's 1960 onwards for me because that's the year I was born! My dad was Bill Pritchard and he was the secretary to the manager at McLaren pit. We lived in McLaren Cottages, my mum and dad had me late in life, having married in 1929, they were 48 and 52 respectively when I came along! As well as me there was Molly (...Read full memory)

I was 10 years old in 1953 and then lived in my 'gran's house' in Alexander Street.  Janet McCarthy, Rita Anthony, Dilys Jones, Mylais Nash, Shirley Perry, Jean May, Dawn Waklin, Elvet Davies, Malcolm Powell also lived in this street and we were in school together apart from the older children who were closer to (...Read full memory)