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The bridge on the left beyond the barge is a cast-iron one dated 1824 and built by the Wilts & Berks Canal Company - the ironwork was cast at Acramans of Bristol. The barge hides the main entrance lock into the canal, which was promoted in 1794 and completed in 1810. It was not a great success: by the 1880s it had virtually no traffic, and it finally closed in 1906. Beyond the bridge are the various almshouses and the Old Anchor Inn, and to the right the Malthouse. The tall chimney belongs to the clothing factory destroyed by fire in 1944.

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I am trying to obtain information regarding a mid- air collision over Bracknell Berkshire in the 1940’s. Believed to be 1943 but could a few years away from that date. It is believed to be between a Hurricane and a Spitfire but there is also no confirmation of that. The incident happened opposite what is now the Shell garage above the Ascot road with wreckage falling around that area. Sadly both ...see more

I used to work in fine fare wallington in 1970 have you got any photos

My Dad was in the Canadian army and was posted to London when I was 7 years old . We lived in the top flat at 27 Chartfield Avenue . What a magical place ! The back yard was huge, with apple, pear and cherry trees to climb and a massive grassy area to run . We were an international neighbourhood. Our building had Canadians in the top flat, English in the middle and Japanese on ...see more

I remember the school trip to the Isle of Wight May 19th to June 2nd 1961. I still have my notes and scarp book. I had a really great time and went back 2 years ago to have another look. The isle of Wight still lovely. I met up in 1973 with either Pat or Linda Long who worked in the child care at Charing Cross & Fulham Hospital when my father was there.

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