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Caption for Abingdon, The Square 1893: Now in Ock Street, Frith's photographer was looking into High Street (right) a decade after the fire that destroyed this corner. The Free Library seen in A15141 gad not yet replaced the gabled timber-frame building then occupied by Smith's the chemist's. However, the two post-fire Victorian buildings are complete, the one nearer Smith's the post office (today it has a 1954 stone-framed shop front). The three-storey gabled building built for Harris & Jackson, auctioneers and valuers, is now painted and altered. The lime trees (now gone) were planted in 1888, when the Square was no longer a livestock market.

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I am trying to obtain information regarding a mid- air collision over Bracknell Berkshire in the 1940’s. Believed to be 1943 but could a few years away from that date. It is believed to be between a Hurricane and a Spitfire but there is also no confirmation of that. The incident happened opposite what is (...Read full memory)

My Dad was in the Canadian army and was posted to London when I was 7 years old . We lived in the top flat at 27 Chartfield Avenue . What a magical place ! The back yard was huge, with apple, pear and cherry trees to climb and a massive grassy area to run . We were an international (...Read full memory)

I remember this well - a glorious early Summer's day and lovely spots to play music, dance and drink beer with Mr Hemmings Traditional Abingdon Morris. We started - I think - at a pub called "The Ox" and progressed through the day with dance (...Read full memory)

My mother's ancestors all seemed to live in Abingdon and the surrounding villages of Launton, Kiddlington, Bicester, Charlbury etc. and I am collecting photographic records of these families and their activities for a family tree.  Photos are a good way of recording events.  There are many (...Read full memory)

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