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Caption for Abinger Hammer, The Village 1928: On the road linking Guildford and Dorking, this hamlet was one of the medieval centres of the local iron industry, and is named from the hammer-pond that worked a furnace here. The famous landmark clock projecting over the roadway, with its figure of Jack the Smith who strikes the bell every hour, was erected in 1899 in memory of the first Lord Farrer by his second wife Euphemia, a member of the Wedgwood family. A local witticism says that those who are present at midnight will see the figure change his grip on the hammer as the hour is struck.

Memories of Abinger Hammer

I remember well taking the bus up from Westcott with my grandmother on a Sunday afternoon in the 1940's to have tea and cakes at Grimm's Kitchen right opposite the famous clock in Abinger Hammer .

i was born in guildford in 1986 and my parents had just taken over abinger post office and stores this is the house in the middle of the photo with all the ivy (that wasnt there in my time) the window above the shop was my parents room the spare room and the lounge are the rooms to the left. i loved living here and have (...Read full memory)

As children in the 60s we used to be taken by our grandparents to Abinger Hammer sometimes on Sunday afternoons. Even if we'd been playing on the green and messing about in the stream we had to look after our Sunday best in order to have tea later at Grimes' Kitchen. We had to have sandwiches first in (...Read full memory)

Now, sadly, the Abinger Arms Public House is closed. This view, if taken by the same point, has not changed at all, apart from a bit more traffic coming via Guildford to Dorking and vice versa.

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