Abridge, The Village c.1960
Photo ref: A106012
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Here we have a quiet village scene, little changed by time. The weatherboarded building on the right has served as the post office for many years, and the white building on the left is the Blue Boar. Note the style of prams used by the ladies chatting on the right.

Memories of Abridge, the Village c1960

For many years now, we've been inviting visitors to our website to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was, prompted by the photographs in our archive. These memories are of Abridge, The Village c.1960

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Does anyone have any knowledge of Nick Partridge, I used to work with him in East London and the last I heard he wanted to join the Police.
I moved to Abridge in 1950 when I was ten years old. My parents bought the white cottage on the London Road, which had a wooden building next to it. This very soon became The Poplar Cafe, my mother’s dream of riches! I attended the little village school for a year until I passed the 'Scholarship' and went on to Loughton County High School for Girls in 1951. The head teacher, Mr Garner, took the top class (the ...see more
This photo appears at the back of Essex Living Memories (pages 112 - 113) and in "I Remember When ... Memories of Britain (page 134)".  The two ladies in the foreground with the prams appear familiar - The lady on the left may be Mrs Peagram with her son Colin in the pram, the lady on the right could be Mrs Hockley with her son, Kenneth.  The couple with the child in the pushchair outside the butchers looks ...see more