Accrington, Broadway Gardens c.1955
Photo ref: A19016
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The Broadway sunken gardens were constructed in 1952 after the area had been the subject of controvery for some years. Derelict land on both sides of Broadway was screened by wooden hoardings and there were many complaints about this barren and unsightly part of town. The plans were part of a post-war improvement scheme which originated in a town plan produced by Mattocks and Allen, two town planners with visionary ideas. It is sad that not many of their ideas for the rejuvenation of the town centre were ever put into place, mainly because the finance was not available. The River Hyndburn, which flowed through this area, was culverted by the Borough Engineer's Department. By 1958 plans were drawn up to allow the building of shops on the garden.

A Selection of Memories from Accrington

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My Grandfather was baptised here in October 1891.
My brother Anthony and I grew up in Barnes Street/Lee Street where my parents ran an off-licence from about 1953 - 1962. We both went to Miss Caulfield's Preparatory school and my brother went on to Blackburn Grammar School. We used to play in the streets and up at the coppice and the nearby park. I remember Plantation Street as one of the streets we traversed to get to school. David Benson and ...see more
I lived in Accrington . Maden Street . Went to Holy Family School. Often went in the Block Aid Pub. And lived with Annette Krywisneack. Many happy memories . I also had many friends in Accrington Keith Allen and all the biker people. I now live on a narrow boat with my husband.
We moved to Accrington fom Whalley 10th December 1941. I remember it because Syd Ashmeed and his band was broadcasting that day and Ronnie Brooks was the drummer and I wanted to listen to the broadcast but as we were moving I missed it. I started work at Howard & Bulloughs in April 1941 as an apprentice mechanic in the milling room, but after a year I asked for a transfer to the tool room. George ...see more