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Heart of Lancashire Photographic Memories

Heart of Lancashire Photographic Memories

The photo 'Accrington, Market Hall 1897' appears in this book.

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Caption for Accrington, Market Hall 1897: Here we see a close-up view of the Market Hall with its imposing front and large statues mounted over the entrance. There was a corn market in Accrington as far back as the 16th century. This Market Hall was opened on 23 October 1868 by Samuel Dugdale, Chairman of the local Board of Health. It contained 80 permanent stalls and shops, plus 23 lock-ups in the basement, served by lifts, for the use of the stall-holders. Market days were Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Early closing day was Wednesday.

An extract from Heart of Lancashire Photographic Memories.

Memories of Accrington

My brother Anthony and I grew up in Barnes Street/Lee Street where my parents ran an off-licence from about 1953 - 1962. We both went to Miss Caulfield's Preparatory school and my brother went on to Blackburn Grammar School. We used to play in the streets and up at the coppice and the nearby park. I (...Read full memory)

We moved to Accrington fom Whalley 10th December 1941. I remember it because Syd Ashmeed and his band was broadcasting that day and Ronnie Brooks was the drummer and I wanted to listen to the broadcast but as we were moving I missed it. I started work at Howard & Bulloughs in April 1941 as an apprentice (...Read full memory)

This is Sacred Heart RC Church, in Accrington.  It has now been demolished.  I have many great memories and some not so great from this sacred place.  I felt like I had to share this info, with you when I saw this picture.  When the church was being knocked down there was a last service mass held and it was a ticket (...Read full memory)

I remember the creaky stairs and stodgy atmosphere of Central Preparatory so well, even though it's now 44 years since I last heard the sterling tones of Mrs Kilshaw resounding through the classroom. Miss Backhouse was my personal favourite: a gentle, caring teacher who had the patience others seemed to lack. I still live (...Read full memory)

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