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Northumberland Tyne and Wear Photographic Memories

Northumberland Tyne and Wear Photographic Memories

The photo 'Acomb, the Old Mill c1955' appears in this book.

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Caption for Acomb, the Old Mill c1955: The mill is just south of the village on the Birkey Burn. The miller's house is dated 1728, and the three-storey mill building is also 18th-century. Though normally powered by water, the mill could operate in conjunction with a nearby windmill if there was insufficient water in the burn. Modernisation came during the 19th century when the mill was equipped with a steam engine.

An extract from Northumberland Tyne and Wear Photographic Memories.

Memories of Acomb

Hi, I’m trying to find out some information on my grandmothers family..they worked on Holly Hall farm in the late 1920s. Their family name was Gibbison. I’m trying to find out who was the tenant farmer of Holly hall farm at that time and would be very grateful if you have any information on this or could point me in the right direction to find that out. Kind regards Laura

Hi, does anyone remember the Gibbison family who used to work on the farms at Holly hall sandhoe/ acomb in the late 1920s? I’m the great granddaughter of Gertrude Gibbison , whos father was John Thomas Gibbison kind regards Laura

Does anyone have any memories of Wilma Rutherford? I know she lived in Acomb around the 1960s. She was my mother. I would be grateful for any momory no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to you. What was she like? Who was she friends with? etc. Thank you in anticipation.

I remember a Geordie Frazer as we called him, but I seem to remember he was not a geordie. He was a butcher and on the side was a barber - he was a crap barber but it cost next to nowt so maybe you have a link to this..happy hunting.

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