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In 1882 England played Australia in a cricket match; they lost so disastrously that they then ceremoniously burned the bails used during the match. Ever since then, Australia and England have played for 'the Ashes'. The captain in 1882 was Albert Hornby, and he is buried here. He was also the first man ever to captain England at both cricket and rugby.

Other Memories from Acton

My paternal grandfather, Ernest Charles Chamberlain, proposed to my grandmother Annie Brooks, in the churchyard here. He brought her in his pony and trap, in about 1907. He had an agricultural business, Farmers' Inventions, at Beeston Brook, and he built Osborne House there, and later The Crest, because Osborne was too much for Annie to manage. Annie was from Bunbury - her family lived at Fairview, on the Whitchurch Road.

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