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Hi, I lived in Mill Hill Road Acton for 8 years as a child in the 1950’s and remember all the shops in the High Street, all except one, the department store/ haberdashery shop on the corner of Market Place and the High Street. They used to have a strange pulley system where cash was put in a container for your purchases then it was pulled up and went all around up to the cash office then your change was sent back down to you, very strange shop, no tills. Does anyone remember the name of the store? Janet King

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Hi Alfie, I lived just around the corner from you in Willcott Road in the mid to late 50's. Quite often I would cycle or roller skate Mill Hill Road to get to the shops/park at the bottom of the road. I would go shopping with Mum on a Saturday and she would always go into the shop you mention for something or other. I too was always fascinated by these containers flying around on wires presumably to the upstairs where the accounts were kept. Sad but as hard as I try I cannot recollect the name of the shop. When and if it comes to me I will message you. Robert Kerr (Kierejewski) Twyford Secondary 1963-1970.
Hi Robert just found out it was Edmonds !
It was originally Clifford Evans, on the corner of Acton High Street and Market Place. It used what is known as a Railway Cash Carrier which worked on a wire system. The store was eventually taken over by Edmonds (drapers) and the system fell into disuse.  "The lady would put mum's money into a tube which rotated into a trolley with two wheels, then she would pull on a wooden handle hanging on a green cord. There would be a sort of recoil click, and the little trolley would shoot all the way round the store to the central elevated booth: after a few moments it would come back with change. 
Wonderfull days!
Hi Bob
Willcott Road caught my eye as I lived there between 1949 and 1959 Looking at the date you left Faraday I guess you are about four years younger than me (I left in 1965) so we probably did not play in the street together. Other names I remember from Willcott are the Tubbs and the Lamberts All the best to you Cheers Ian

Hi Alfie
As mentioned below I lived in Willcott Road in the 50s but had friends in Mill Hill Road (One of them I still see a couple of times a year) .It is a pretty long road but perhaps by chance the name John Tanner or Charlie Richmond might ring a bell
Hello, loved reading all your memories. I lived in Churchfield Road (1941 to 1948) and attended Derwentwater School before moving to the Prefabs on Trinity way. I also remember Clifford Evans/Edmonds with their unique payment system. Tony Bros of course and eating bread and dripping for a penny after swimming at Acton baths. After Derwentwater I went to John Perryn, East Acton House and Acton Wells. We used to go to all these schools during the week until Bromyard opened. Mr Foxman was Headmaster. Left School at 15 and started working at S Parker and Son (Accountants) in Acton High street. Acton and East Acton were lovely places to grow up in and I have many fond and wonderful memories of my time there. Kevin.

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