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A Memory of Acton.

My father was a train driver and I was born in Railway Cottages Goodhall Street Willesden Junction 1945 which came under Acton and lived there until I got married in 1966. I went to Acton Wells school from infants until I was 11 unfortunately I had a head injury when I was 10 from falling off a dustcart which I was having a ride on the back of the paper wagon with my sister and her friend. I had amnesia and could not remember the earlier years of my life a lot of the kids thought I was being snobbish but I obviously found it a difficult time to blend in.
I went on to Bromyard Avenue Secondary Modern until 1961 and had a good friend called Carol Ogg  and another Susan Scruby who's mother and brother worked in the café in The vale Acton and also it was the same time as Adam Faiths brother and sister (who were twins) attended and were in the same year. I lived in Horn Lane in Acton in an old Victorian house on the 3rd floor until my second child was born and then moved to Noel road Acton. Acton then was always a lovely clean place and oh! the swimming baths I can still smell the chlorine. I used to go there with the school and also on occasion with my dad who used to do a hand stand in the bottom of the pool and stay down for ages it used to frighten the pants off me.
My daughter lived in Perryn Road for a few years until moving into Noel Road where she had lived for years with her husband and family, she worked in West Acton infants school for 12 years which her and her brother also attended when they were small. and only recently moved.
Tony's ice cream was beautiful. I remember them well.
I used to walk past Phillips Atlas everyday going back and forth to school, also Wall sausage and pies also the road that used to flood under the bridge, we used to cross the road and walk on the higher level and the fire brigade had to often come out to drain the water off as the drain from Wall's used to come up under that bridge.
I worked in Lyons tea shop when I was 15 which only lasted the one day because they thought I was too young. I also worked after leaving school when I was nearly 16 at Elizabeth Arden opposite North Acton tube station then Triplex Safety Glass Willesden and then Cheeseborough Ponds.
I remember Cerebos Salt. ViSprings  up the road opposite Phillip Atlas. The custard factory Carltona's near Acton Wells school on the corner

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Hello Helen,its susan scruby now Pettitt I live in Wellingborough now.So good to read your memories happy days,Bromyard school tell some tales from there and Tony's ice cream.I thought it must be you mentioning carole ogg and myself. Hope we can keep in touch
Hi , Susan - so lovely to hear from you, how are you ? I have been trying for ages to find you. Are you on Facebook

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