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The house was designed in the mid 18th century by Richard, Earl of Burlington. Later it was the home of the Bradford industrialist Samuel Cunliffe Lister, later Lord Masham. His statue has been in Manningham Park, Bradford since 1875. In recent years the house has been used as an old peoples' home by Bradford

Other Memories from Addingham

there were 5 of us mum a dad who was drunk most of the time and my brother maurice and sister jean , we lived in a space 18 foot by 18 foot one bedroom and living room.

I was born at number 3 North Street in 1942. I was in my mothers arms and can remember Italian prisoners of war marching up to the camp on the Beamsley side of the River Wharfe and hiding on a shelf under the stairs whilst a German bomber had a go at the old SU factory at Low Mills (making carburetors for our spitfires). He missed, but there is still a crater on the opposite side of the river.

My older brothers were sent to Addingham during the war(WW2). They are trying to trace other people who came to Addingham and/or people who took in these children to their homes.

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