A Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis FrithA Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis Frith

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Classic photographs of all sorts of bridges from The Francis Frith Collection, spanning modest streams, rivers and broad estuaries. They include footbridges, clapper bridges, pack-horse bridges, medieval arched bridges, toll bridges, decorative Palladian bridges, suspension bridges, bascule bridges, canal bridges, and railway bridges. Evocative and atmospheric, these stunning images show British engineering at its most innovative and graceful.



The photo 'Addlestone, Crockford Bridge 1904' appears in this book.

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A view across the River Bourne, a tributary of the Thames, with a hay cart fording the river and horse and cart and mounted horseman looking down from the bridge at the lower end of Brighton Road. Today a riverside footpath runs alongside the stream.

An extract from Surrey.

Memories of Addlestone, Crockford Bridge 1904

good days in Addlestone and the fair. Millpond fishing. but the best days was addlestone swimming club run by the Smiths great days.

I lived in Addlestone for almost twenty years and still have family there. My memories are St Paul's School - Infants through to Secondary Modern; the Red Room, which was definitely haunted, according to my school friends; the youth club in the grounds of the infants school where I saw the Nashville Teens play; a kids club of some sort in Church Road; adolescent love for Lawrence Lord who went to Ottershaw ...see more

I paddled below it and made camps in the cut hay and hid in the barns, who are you?

Yes, right by Smiths farm, the river and farm are my old hunting grounds. If you think you know me let's talk.

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