A Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis FrithA Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis Frith

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The High Street is distinctly low-key: the terraces of late Victorian shops are augmented by 1930s buildings, as we see on the left, and now several have been converted to take-aways. At the crossroads the High Street meets Station Road, while just to the left of the view are some neo-Georgian flats of the 1970s. Just left of the crossroads, in Station Road, are Runnymede Civic Offices. Beyond is a 17-storey 1960s tower block of council flats, an incongruous intrusion into low-rise Addlestone.

Memories of Addlestone, High Street c1955

Met my wife to be, Gill Allen, on Sunday 21st August 1966 at one of those dances. Still remember the first time we made direct eye contact. (Sweet) (Trapped). (Lucky). Great groups for the time including The Mojos? Married at New Haw Church 1970. Still tethered.

Yes I went to the Sunday dandies at the Co-op, it was there that I meat the most beautiful girl, my girlfriend Jill. But being stupid I left her, and to this day I am still in love with her.

Fashion shows with a cup of tea and a biscuit in the Copop on a Saturday. When I was younger the Co-op ran a sports day and we all got a goody box with cream cakes cakes and a suprise of fruit. We shopped at Parrs at the top of the Dukes Head crossroads, I can still remember the smell of the cured bacon. Our order was delivered by a man on a bike. Burges the bakers delivered our bread. We had our shoes ...see more

I remember the Sunday dances at the Co-Op hall well. My mum used to work in the cloakroom and I went with her. We would take the coats in, I would go out and dance (thought I was great and grown up) then I would help give the coats out. I was about 8 when I started. I remember seeing The Applejacks, Georgie Fame and of course the Rhubarb Thrashers. Hha ha. I also remember going to the fashion shows they ...see more

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